Friday, June 29, 2018

"submitting to one another in the fear of God."

Who can resist feeling nostalgic when seeing new life. It screams to me about the reality of our God. As I watched two butterflies early this morning in our yard I also felt their existence was a neon sign pointing to the Savior.

"How can anyone miss this" I said to myself. Just because I'm aware of God's presence doesn't mean others are. I had lunch with a friend today. She shared about one of her sons who was not 100% sure about creation. He went to a public High School and was experiencing a small amount of doubt.

Her response is to take him to The Creation Museum and to look at the reproduction of the Ark. If he thinks it is impossible to build such a boat seeing what it may have looked like is sort of seeing the butterfly. Everyone has something they can relate to.

Maybe seeing love in motion speaks to you about the reality of God. In this world we want to cooperate together when we have a common goal. A Missions trip can speak to everyone on a team to do their part.  The goal is to complete the trip and accomplish what was agreed upon before the trip began.

"Voice of the Martyrs magazine" sent out an issue this week with pictures of some of the people they help around the world. I was moved by a picture of a group of young people from rural Vietnam. They were lined up to be baptized in a local river. Not one of them had a smile on their face.

Their faces were quite serious as they contemplated what this baptism would mean. It meant some of them would not be able to go back to their families. It meant persecution for the rest of their lives, and possible harm. It meant pressure to reject Jesus.

They did it anyway. Serving God in America might not come with persecution right now. There could be a day when it is a serious problem for us. Will we be able to submit to one another out of the fear of God? Can we fear God enough so fearing man is not a hinderance? I believe we can, while we love one another. Blessings and love.

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