Wednesday, June 6, 2018

"Therefore do not be partakers with them." Ephesians 5:7 NKJV

As I was weeding out e-mails a minute ago I noticed the latest marketing tools. You need this! Your life will be extremely better with our product. Your life will be transformed and you will never be sick again. Why don't I believe them?

I've been down the road a piece and I know better. Maybe your thing will help me. I don't know. In order to get my attention though the hype has to be there. There is much hype these days.

Social media is hyped to the point of causing teens to hurt themselves as others make fun of them. You don't have to say your hurtful comments any more, just type them.  It has created a false sense of safety and many bruised hearts.

We need to teach our young people to have nothing to do with those who seem to be nice in person but slaughter them on instagram. Paul writes to  the church at Ephesus to have nothing to do with those who sin and have no regard for God and His ways.

When we say we belong to Jesus, we are declaring His love for others. "This is my command: love one another." John 15:17 NIV
This cannot be done the way Jesus wants it to be done in our own strength. God never says to allow others to walk all over you. If those around you don't want Jesus and they don't respect you cut them off.

We are never to be a door mat to the lost or to anyone else.

Loving like this can hurt. It hurts our flesh. Let it hurt because we need to die to our ways. God can't shine through our flesh so it needs to move out of the way! Less of me and more of Him is what this world needs. Let Jesus shine and melt hardened hearts. Amen.

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