Monday, June 25, 2018

"Therefore do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the Lord is." Ephesians 5:17 NKJV

Which one of these summer prepped ladies do you identify with? It doesn't matter but it may say something about your personality. Are you sports minded and ready like the gal in the jumpsuit -short outfit?

 Are you covered up like the one with the hat and sunglasses? Do you fit in the middle, ready for whatever comes your way? I hope to be the one in the middle.

As I get older I find I like life to be predictable but with 3 grown kids in the house life is rarely predictable. Matthew can be in the back room he likes to call the man-cave with 3 or 4 other guys watching sports.  Rudy is mostly in his room, and Stephie can be any mixture of the two.

At any given moment we can have a car-full of young people stop by. We like this because we know where every is and what they are doing. I hope to call this wisdom. My hesitance comes from an incident recently when music was too loud at 1:30 in the morning. No problem though because when told to, the music was turned off.

My mother was the same way. She allowed kids to come and flop at our house. She wanted everyone home.

 Wisdom is building bridges with our children no matter how old they are. The peace my husband and I have because of this is huge. Cooking for a crowd isn't a problem because most of the time the young adults go out for food, or call uber eats.

If I had asked you ten years ago " What's an uber" what would you have said?

 My spell check doesn't believe it is a word. Our witness to these young people could change their lives. Being available to talk is part of why we do this. A listening ear may be a rare blessing as life moves swiftly ahead. 

If I need to talk about life in general in my stage of life certainly the younger generation does. As we are venturing deeper into the end time agenda of God's plan many will need to be reassured of His goodness.  Young people in my experience, don't like to talk about the imminent return of Jesus but I didn't like to talk about it when I was younger either. 

It can be daunting at any age.  It may not be something you like to talk about. Being knowledgeable about what will happen and to who is important. I read an article by Mike Bickle from the International House of Prayer last night. He said we have 150 chapters in our Bible dealing with end time events.

Let's be proactive and learn about such things so we can share with others. Personally, I don't have much understanding of such events. Better to know and step on the head of fear before it starts. Blessings!

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