Monday, May 23, 2016

May He grant you according to your hearts desire, and fulfill all your purpose.          Psalm 20:4

I hope I never forget the first time that I read this!  I was amazed at this truth. God would grant my hearts desire? I was 19, and I thought, God is going to give me a husband! That didn’t happen for another 10 years. It took me that long to realize that it is God’s desire that He puts into our hearts that we will want more than anything else!
 I few years later I realized that if things went according to my plans, Rudy and I would have had some pretty miserable years because we were both in need of some major overhauls in our hearts before we could love anyone. Nothing that was too big for God, but it was tremendous to us, since we couldn’t see the problem. He is so ever faithful to give us what we need, when it is the right time. This does not mean that we didn’t struggle! We had a lot of adjustments to go through as all couples do, but now that we have been married for 27 years, I have to say, thank God for His way!

God will certainly guide us to fulfill His purposes. This is a work that also takes time sitting at His feet. It unravels into a perfect tapestry to the glory of God, but right now, it is only beautiful to the Master. It takes a lifetime for this to fully develop, and only Jesus knows when it is fulfilled.

I just started a book that I think many of us would enjoy. It is “Unqualified” by Steven Furtick. How God Uses Broken People To Do Big Things. He is a Pastor of a church in North Carolina called Elevation Church. You may have heard of their worship music, which they are well known for. I am telling you all this, because when I read psalm 20 this morning, this book was sitting right next to me, and I thought, this is no coincidence!  Knowing that even though you have been broken, God still calls you His child, His own and that HE sees what others do not see. value is what counts, and He sees far deeper that any other can! He is the master builder of broken hearts and lives. Can I get an AMEN!

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