Monday, September 10, 2018

" Peace to you brothers, and love with faith from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ." Ephesians 6:23 NIV

Tomorrow will be the end of Ephesians for us. I have grown to love the Apostle Paul, and understand him a little bit better. We have very different customs today, and if he lived today he would be completely shocked to see what the world has become.

I think he would love the technology and the spreading of the gospel, through the internet. I have been aware lately of things I think are OK, but aren't. Where is it coming from? Our society can throw in subtleties, or blatantly put pictures before us as commercials on television.

 The program is good, but some of the commercials, or lyrics chosen for commercials are all together evil. My husband noticed a car commercial played "sympathy for the devil" in the background.

We were shocked, but we shouldn't be. Anything seems to be used as long as it gets attention. How much more should we be bold to witness with love for the lost. If we don't have His love, we have nothing.

Paul ends his letters with much kindness to those who receive them. Love without faith, or faith without love doesn't work! We can only receive anything good from God on our knees in prayer.

We are not our own, because we have been " bought at a price."{1Corinthians 6:20} This means we are favored and loved beyond imagination. We have the Living God inside as believers. Who do we want others to see: Us or Him? I don't know about you but I say, HIM!

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