Wednesday, December 12, 2018

But I think it necessary to send back to you Epaphroditus, my brother, fellow worker and fellow soldier, who is also your messanger, whom, you sent to take care of my needs. Philippians 2:25 NIV

It's beginning to look like Christmas! I love the richness of this wreath against the old door. You can tell the wood is aged because it's not smooth, and it speaks of many years gone by. The molding is heavy and shows a craftsman took time to measure, cut and design just the right look.

Perhaps the wreath is hand-crafted too. Someone had to carefully place each ornament in its place to give it a certain appeal.The right balance of dark and light colors form an article that stands out and stands for something special.

No time of the year is as decorated as this! Why do people get all decked out and fancy? I don't know about them, but I do it because of Jesus. God wants us to be a people that celebrate, and what could be better than the birth of the one and only Son of God!

He is the best gift to come into our world. No one gave more than God did when He gave His son. No one could love us more.When you think of Jesus giving up heaven to come to our stinky, sin drenched and evil world, you realize the sacrifice made by both Father and Son.

Heaven is a perfect place with no heart ache and disease. No lying, cheating, robbery or abuse. No one ages and dies because death is a defeated foe. No worries or fears either. We can hardly comprehend such a place. It seems surreal, but only because we see mostly this side. 

The Bible is clear about the fullness and completness we will have in heaven. We can have it now because Jesus made the way for us to be whole on earth. We have to fight for it though. Fight lies and distortions of who God is and His goodness for us.

Where do we hear the truth? Church, and others who know the truth, but the most reliable source is His Word. Love the Word of God. Hold on to it as if your next breathe depends on it.

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