Monday, February 11, 2019

But we are citizens of the state {commonwealth, homeland} which is in heaven, and from it also we earnestly and patiently await {the coming of} the Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah,{as} Savior, Philippians 3:20 AMP

This is a picture of Kara, a young lady in Bible school at Word of Life in upstate New York. Last summer she did a missions trip to Guatemala, and here is one of the children she met. Kara grew up on Long Island, so being in Guatemala is a drastic change for her.

She isn't moved by the poverty around her, because she can get these little ones to smile and play. I'm sure it seemed unusual at the same time. I love this verse today because it reminds me of where I am from.

My citizenship is not just of the USA, but greater than this. My name is written in the Lamb's book of Life and so I belong to Heaven. Many things are changing around us all the time, but taking hold of verses like these ground us. We need to remember we are not of this world's systems.

Lying, cheating, stealing ,undermining someone else, these are not God's ways but we see this all around. These are not attributes of Christians, and these things should shock us. Not to mention sexual sins, that some don't ever consider what God says about it.

We live in a sexualized society, but we don't have to be led by it. We need to pray for God to send a mighy move of His Spirit to cause the lost to be aware of their need. The truths from the Spirit of God have been glossed over as another idea comes into vogue.

This world says do whatever you want, you can be a Christian and still do yoga.  Yoga was designed to worship foreign gods.You can smoke marijuana, and have another beer while you're at it. God wants a people who worship and rely on Him. I'm not saying it wrong to have alochol once in a while,but once in a while can lead to every day pretty easily. My son Matthew found this out the hard way.

Are you expecting God to show up? Do you know it is on His mind? The Bible is filled with references of Jesus' second coming, and we are living in the days when this can happen. 

We are told, " But concerning that day and hour {of Jesus' return} no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only." Matthew 24:36  We can see the signs of the times the Bible says, and the increase of violence is one of them.

Paul, our dear friend from the first century, was awaiting the day of Christ's coming, patiently and earnestly. How much more should we be seeking God with pure hearts for His return. Pray for those who don't know Him as Savior and Lord. 

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