Thursday, March 29, 2018

"So that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and grounded in love," Ephesians 3:17 NIV

Families are made by God's design. In the middle of life I forget this sometimes. We get caught up in the daily grind of doing the dishes, and food shopping, and appointments and...the list goes on. God never forgets the importance of who we are to one another.

I love this picture of a young family. I can imagine the father is telling the children a story. Maybe about brushing teeth, since the little boy has a toothbrush. Whatever it is, we can see that a closeness, a bond is present.

Christ dwells in our hearts by faith. This is a bond with our Father that can't be broken. We could break it, but He would never do such a thing. It is against His nature to ever let go of us. This draws my heart closer to his. I want to strengthen my bond of love with him.

It's the roots that we put down in various places that hold the ground. The roots of family, of love, of commitment. Have you ever pulled a plant out of the ground so that it's roots are exposed?

The dirt clings to it. It is not meant to be out of the ground. Once the roots are exposed to the air, it starts to die. Shock can set in. We can hurry and place it back in the ground, and it will be al right. It might take some time to re-orient itself.

Our society wants us to adhere to its dictates of anything goes, and commitment is thrown out the window. There is no stability in their lives, and therefore no peace. The bond of love that God gives frees us to be everything he wants us to be, and fulfillment and peace walk with it. He gives us a longing to be complete in him.

Today is unlike any other. This might be your day to draw closer to the father heart of God. It will be a day to remember always, and you will be changed.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

"I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his spirit in your inner being." Ephesians 3:16 NKJV

How are you today? I wish we could grab a cup of tea, and sit at my kitchen table and chat for a while. This isn't possible just now, but hopefully you get to do this every so often. 

Women need other women. This isn't a nice saying it's the truth. We are wired to need opportunities to share with a sister in the Lord about our lives. We bounce ideas off each other, talk about our families, ask for opinions or let go of emotions.

We need a safe person to share with. Our hopes and dreams aren't to be scattered over the internet, but given to someone who will pray for us. Our concerns about our children are valid, and need to fall on the ears of another who understands.

God's glorious riches come packaged differently sometimes. Some of those riches have blonde hair, or black. Sometimes that package is tall or short, stocky or thin. Their ages vary, as does every other thing about them. Each is a unique gift to us, and those around them.

The Holy Spirit can anoint the right woman to speak to us at any time in our lives. We may never see them again, or she might live just next door. Maybe she's related to you, or she lives in another country.There can be a sisterhood of christian women that surpasses any other group of women in our lives.

Pray for God to bless each one of these women in your life!

Monday, March 26, 2018

"I ask you therefore, not to be discouraged because of my sufferings for you, which are your glory." Ephesians 3:13  NIV

The bridal gown on the wall? It's not mine. I don't know whose it is. It's a reminder to us that a wedding has taken place, at some moment in time. I think it's happened, since it's not wrapped in plastic, as a new dress would be.

I would think the bride wore her dress with elegance, and grace, but I'm not sure. I wasn't at the wedding. I didn't see her move down the center aisle, or meet her groom at the altar. I didn't hear the Pastor's sermon, or their wedding vows.

I can be almost sure she made herself ready. The right make-up and hairstyle were decided upon long before the date arrived. If it took place in the summer I can imagine she sat in the sun, hoping for a tan.

 Can you remember thinking about your own wedding as a young girl, hoping your groom would be as handsome as the Prince in your favorite Disney movie? Most of us have idealistic dreams of what life will be like when we grow older.

There is a Bride who is waiting patiently for her Groom. Paul, our friend the Apostle from the first century speaks of her often. He calls her the body of Christ or the church. Even though Paul wrote these words, Jesus could have spoken similar words to His Bride.

We don't actually glory in Christ's sufferings, but we glory in the finished work of Calvary, which came into being because He suffered and died. We glory in the fact that our names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life according to the Book of Revelation.

We glory in the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ, who gave His all so that we might live. He became a ransom for many. Do you know Him, as Lord and Savior? Have you ever invited Him into your life? If not, why not do it today? Today is as good a day as any.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

"according to the eternal purpose which He accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord, in whom we have boldness and access with confidence through faith in him." Ephesians 3:11-12  NKJV

God's eternal purpose; this sounds like a serious subject. What can I say to you about this topic that I haven't said in the past? Why does this sound ominous as if it is a negative thing? It sounds too big to tackle, and beyond our ability to accomplish.

As Christ is formed in us, we take on His nature, and do His will. I know, it's not as easy as this. But what if it is? Maybe we make too much out of following Christ, and it isn't such a big deal? In reality, the love of God is placed in our heart as we look to him in all things. We gravitate towards His love, and so follow what He says.

We can't see any of this with our natural eye, but inside we can feel the difference. Today is a day that I need to really dig down deep, because I feel a bit off. I'm sure you know what I mean. My allergies aren't bad, but maybe there is a issue there I'm not aware of. We are not moved by our feelings, because the word of God is true and right.

My strength is not in my emotional realm, but in the strength of my eternal Father who stands tall as the rock that he built the world on. No, taller than that. He is stronger than the rock He built. 

My confidence is in the God who can move mountains, and I know he has moved obstacles in the way before. My faith can move mountains because he lives through me! Boldness, it comes as I stand at attention to His commands. This is not the case for me.

I usually procrastinate when I feel God is saying something to me. One morning I felt God pulling me out of bed to pray for my daughter.  I lingered a while, but I did get up.  I'm not happy to share my inadequacy. 

Access to my Father, He says, "Come and sit on my knee, and tell me your deepest heart's cry."No appointment necessary. Do we realize the ramifications of our heritage as women of God? I think not. Maybe this realization would be too much for us to comprehend. Another important word to remember is confidence.

When our confidence is placed in the Living God what could be better?

Thursday, March 22, 2018

"{The purpose is} that through the church the complicated, many sided wisdom of God in all its infinite variety and innumerable aspects might now be made known to the angelic rulers and authorities[principalities and powers] in the heavenly sphere."
Ephesians 3:10 AMP

This is a mouth full of a verse. I am especially taken by the word complicated. God is complex, infinite, all encompassing, and wild at heart. Complicated reminds me of writing a computer  program or another task that I haven't the slightest idea how to do.

It's not impossible, but it would take some concentration. According to the Oxford dictionary complex means:"made up of many parts, complicated or hard to understand."I  don't feel comfortable with this definition, but then I wouldn't describe God as complex either.

Somehow it sounds cold and inhumane to me. If we look at the verse closely we can see Paul is describing the wisdom of God, and how it is better communicated through the church. The church can communicate the wisdom of God through His love.

 Love covers all emotions with its blanket of warmth and coziness. It removes the sting of cold indifference coming from life outside of God. Our world becomes full of colorful light under the love of God. It somehow washes us clean, and gives a sweet aroma at the same time. It gathers us under His wing, and summons us to not be afraid.

As this verse states, the wisdom of God speaks to the heavenly authorities and let's them know there is a new boss in town. This new guy is not like the others and all of you better head for the hills before he tosses you out on your ear. He is here for good, and no one can ever compare to His ability to keep you from ever touching his children again.

The church; it has just begun to realize its potential. Why has it taken so long? I don't know. Distractions come out of nowhere to throw off God's mission. You know in your own life how you become strong, and something hits you seemingly from behind. 

The church needs to be who God says it is. His body, His people, the called out ones. Those who will usher in the power and presence of God. In families, communities, towns and where ever God says. Ask him today how he wants you to part of his church body. We need each other.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

"and to  make all see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the ages has been hidden in God who created all things through Jesus Christ,"   Ephesians 3:9 NKJV

The Gentiles has the same chance to be God's people as the Jews. This is the mystery that Paul is talking about. Some of you may not be reading each day so I wanted to make sure everyone knew. Paul is overcome with this revelation, since the Jews were to have nothing to do with others. No touching, talking or contact in any way. 

Why did God tell his old testament people to stay away? It was symbolic of sin; and it was also physical. Those who did not follow the mosaic law were susceptible to disease and sickness. When the Israelites raided a foreigner many times God commanded them not to take any livestock because of the disease that spread to them. Sometimes the disease was because of sinful practices.God was painting a picture in their minds of the ravages of sin and darkness.

Today sin is looked upon as an ancient word and concept but God doesn't see it any differently. Sin began in the Garden of Eden, and it will continue until Jesus returns. Our job is to be obedient to God with all of our heart, and to teach others to do the same.

The lie of the enemy is that it no longer is a concern. If people don't believe something is wrong, why would they have to repent?  

Monday, March 19, 2018

"To me, who am less than the least of all the saints, this grace was given, that I should preach among the gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ," Ephesians 3:8 NKJV

When Paul says the unsearchable riches,  I believe he means that we could never come to the end of the riches that God has given. In searching out all that God has for us, we would not have enough time in our lives to find them all. Precious jewels on earth rot with time: these riches endure forever, and never stop glistening.

God does want us to be aware of what he has done for us. He wants us to seek for him, because he will be found. Just as Jesus spoke in parables, God has hidden truths in his word for us to identify. Why does he hide them? They are only for those who seek after him, and put him first in their lives.

If everyone knew the treasures hidden inside, they might trample them, and not consider the truth within. Our heart attitude is what Jesus is after. I wish I could tell you there was an easier way, but there's not. Dying to our own selfish ways is the only way to see Jesus.

Paul is very humble in this passage, probably since he remembers where he was before Christ. That is enough to humble any of us. The light of the Gospel thrusts us out of darkness and shame, and gives us" joy unspeakable and full of glory." 1Peter1:8

The joy of the Lord is with Paul as he now encourages those he once incarcerated. His life is a perfect example of a life that was changes completely by the grace of God. What wonders does God have in store for you and I? Only time will tell.

Friday, March 16, 2018

"of which I became a minister according to the gift of the grace of God given to me by the effective working of his power."   Ephesians 3: 7 NKJV

Grace is a word that is seldom used in the old testament. It's not there often because grace and truth come through Jesus Christ. The old testament definitely supports the idea of grace in that it speaks many times of the coming Savior. It also stands strong in  the love which is the most important aspects of why grace works.

God, in his unimaginable capacity to love us, sent His only son to take our place. He died because our sinful flesh couldn't redeem itself. Jesus is grace personified. Mercy is not receiving from God what we deserve in the way of punishment. Grace is his unmerited favor.

I wrote the previous paragraphs on Wednesday. On Thursday, I took my daughter  Rachel to the emergency room because of a bowel prolapse. She had a viral stomach upset for the two days before. She thought she had hemorrhoids, and it never occurred to us that it could be worse.

 The Doctor at the walk in clinic we went to was wonderful. She said go immediately to the emergency room which we did. Once at Stony Brook hospital, the doctor said it was a hemorrhoid, but just to double check we will have the colorectal department check you. Meanwhile she got some pain medication which was truly necessary.

Rachel got relief from the pain she had for two days. She must have a high tolerance for pain. The nurse came in to check on her and he said, "Boy you are really strong, I couldn't think of having that much pain." I was glad to see the color return to her face. The doctors from the colorectal department said you will probably need surgery. She was sent to pre-op and the doctor who was going to operate came in, and he said, Oh, it popped back in! 

He continued to say, "We will go in and repair the hemorrhoid, but we can give you a local anesthesia, instead of the general." "Awesome" is what I thought. About 40 minutes after I went into the waiting room the doctor comes to find me. He said, "There wasn't a hemorrhoid, she had a bowel prolapse. I didn't have to cut or stitch." 
I wanted to do my happy dance right there in front of everyone, but I held back. A half hour later I saw her, and she was groggy, but beautiful. She came home with me that night, and today she is fine. No need for any more pain medication.

While all of this took place, I was texting friends to pray. What a wonderful group of prayer warriors! Neither Rachel or I were distraught or worried. I have to say I leaned a little towards panic when told she would need surgery, but I bounced back to trust quickly. 

Fatigue also kicked in at some point, but I was not overcome by it.  I am forever grateful to God for sparing Rachel the pain and other consequences of surgery. The grace of God, which is referred to in our verse today, was upon us. God answers prayer, and he is a faithful Father to us, and to you. Blessings and love!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

"that the Gentiles should be fellow heirs, of the same body, and partakers of His promise in Christ through the gospel,"  Ephesians 3:6  NKJV

Today is a snowy day in New York. Eight inches in my town of Setauket, and low temperatures make it a good day to stay indoors. Every one is home, even my daughter from Chicago. The snow won't last long since it's March. 

There is a fire in the fireplace, and I am trying to stay on task as my family is around. We are having February weather in March, and we had march temperatures in February. You never know what a day will bring. Two storms in March and another predicted for next week, and I'm happy to be here writing to you.

The sun will shine another day, I am sure of it. Looking forward to it has given me much joy and has for a while. If you don't like the weather, a new day is on the horizon. This is true in our walk with God. If you are struggling with a bad habit or a relational matter, keep at it, because with the Lord it can be changed.

Only God can unleash us from harmful thoughts, problems getting along with another or overcoming a weakness. If you are sure that you don't fit into any of these categories, maybe you should ask someone else. Ask them to be compassionate in their answer.

How we word our difficulties with a family member or friend is more important than pointing out a weakness. "It's God's kindness that leads us to repentance."Romans 2:4 We want to be Jesus' hands and feet to all those around us. Another may not remember what the subject matter is, but most people will remember how we made them feel.

" Your speech should always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you should respond to any particular individual." Colossians 4:6 CJB

Following Christ and being like him means we care about what we say and do. It doesn't make us perfect, but our desire should be to become better. Displaying a life and heart that follows Jesus is what every longing heart yearns for. Do you know anybody who doesn't long to be whole? Me either.

Monday, March 12, 2018

"which in other ages was not made known to the sons of men, as it has  now been revealed by the Spirit to His holy apostles and prophets:"  Ephesians 3:5  NKJV

Those who went before Paul did not know because God did not reveal it to them. There are many things that are better left unsaid. The last word in an argument. A bitter word to a close friend or family member. Words muttered to self under our breath.

This verse does not refer to words better left unsaid, but to words that didn't make sense to the hearers. The meaning was scrambled or understood to mean something else. The same words now are understood to mean the Gentile and Jew are made one through the blood of the Lamb, {Jesus Christ}. 

This oneness is referred to the people of God or the body of Christ, with Jesus being the head. What good is a body without the head? You guessed it: Nothing. The head gives all the commands to move here or there or to stay in one place. The head or brain is the center for all speech and thought.

What difference would God's people make on the earth without Jesus? The people of God would be of no effect if he were not within them. It is impossible to belong to Christ, and not be  attached. No one can run on their own without the head.

Belonging to a local church body is important for several reasons. The act of belonging brings safety to every individual because we were made for this. God made us to rely on each other. Someone has to be able to give us perspective from the outside of our own world.

A Pastor is to watch his people to guard each soul from trouble. This is called accountability. Without it we can easily be deceived and fall into sin. A close church group in larger churches is built especially for this. A spiritual mentor can help a pastoral staff to keep the flock safe.

We were made for relationship with God and his people. Those around us need to be careful to speak words of truth and life so that we can prosper spiritually. Love has to be the motive of the heart. Without the love of God all of this is just a dream. 

Friday, March 9, 2018

"by which when you read, you may understand my knowledge in the mystery of Christ], "   Ephesians 3:4   NKJV

How can this be? A Gentile is to share in the same blessings and relationship with God as the Jew? It makes perfect sense to us, who have lived our whole lives knowing it to be true. Used in the plural, gentiles means a heathen nation.

God did not intend for the Jews to be exclusive forever. The coming of our wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to all peoples proves this to be true. God intended for all peoples from all cultures and backgrounds to experience the same blessings as his set apart ones.

It is in Christ alone that this could occur. The workings and function of the body of Christ is the mystery revealed to the Apostle Paul and he alone is equipped to make it known. The Gentile and Jew becoming the church, is God's microcosm of heaven on earth. It is a wonder to behold. 

It has to function properly to be used as God intends. I have a sinking feeling the reason we don't see the Kingdom here as we should is because the church isn't being the church.

I hope you understand I'm not talking about any particular church, or people but the body of Christ at large in America. We are missing character traits.  Obedience to God's word is a big one. You might have other issues you identify as a need.

I can imagine the Apostle Paul shaking his finger at America to get right with God, and to love one another. Corinthians 13 says, it's important to have faith and hope, but the greatest is love. Love conquers all things in life; the love of God especially.

What can you and I do to fix this one issue? I leave this up to you.When you are conscience of a need it is easier to find one. Look for someone to bless, help or just hug. Be the difference you want to see. 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

"And how the mystery[secret] was made known to me and I was allowed to comprehend it by direct revelation, as I already briefly wrote you," Ephesians 3:3 Amplified Bible

The fact that our friend, the Apostle Paul, served the very people he once tried to imprison baffles me.Only God can change a life to that extent. Paul's heart was in the right place. His motives were to serve God faithfully, only he was misguided. Jesus says to him in Acts 9:4 "Why are you persecuting me?"

Jesus wasn't on earth at the time, but His people, believers in Christ, were the ones being shamelessly bound in chains. Paul must have been confused for a while, especially since his eyesight left him. He got with the program quite easily. Something about riding a horse, and a bright light?

The mystery? It has to do with all that Paul has been saying in chapter 2. The chapters and verse components were added after the letter was written. Paul wrote to the church at Ephesus starting with chapter 1 through chapter 6. His complete thought continued to what we now know as chapter 3.

The mystery, is that God has included the gentiles into his salvation plan. Who would have thought? All of the old testament prophets knew. God told them so. A lot of things can go unseen when life gets in the way. It's easy for us to look back at all the history and see the flaws.

God also said that his people were to have no dealing with the gentiles. This was important because of the sin and diseases that were associated with other nations. It was God's desire to keep his people from the sin of idolatry and its trappings.

The important thing is that Paul sees and understands God's plan and moves with it. He has given us much insight into living the christian life, and how the body of Christ operates. God receives all the glory and praise for changing lives, like Paul. He get all the glory for a changed life like yours, and mine too.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

"For this reason I Paul, the prisoner of Christ Jesus for you Gentiles- if indeed you have heard of the dispensation of the grace of God which was given to me for you,"  Ephesians3:1-2 NKJV

According to" Vine's Dictionary of Old  and New Testament Words" dispensation"  in this verse means stewardship. Paul says that this calling is for him to fulfill the word of God, by building the body of Christ, meaning the church. If we read Ephesians 1:10  we see it explained like this.

"that in the dispensation of the fullness of the times He might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven and which are on earth- in Him."

Paul explains to the Ephesians church why he was sent. To proclaim the gospel and to teach about the body being built together as one.{Amplified Bible} God placed this anointing on Paul, so that the work of God would be established. 

Let's step back and remember who this man was before he met Jesus. He was given papers from the Jewish Officials to put those who preached the gospel in jail. He vehemently opposed anyone who spoke about the Lord. I think anyone who is willing to go into other cities to drag believers to jail has to be a radical.

Paul was convinced that those who preached the gospel were infidels and needed to be stopped. Does God have a sense of humor or what? God takes the most rugged, devout Jew and opens his eyes about who he is, the One and Only True Son of God!

Our God is more loving, and compassionate than we could ever dream him to be. He sees this Paul, who is sincere in his pursuit of righteousness, yet without the relationship to the Savior. He doesn't knock him off his horse to hurt him, but to take every bit of his radical nature and make him a man after God's own heart.

We don't have compassion like that, but God saw the man, and knew his need, and used him to build the Kingdom.  This man has penned more than half of the new Testament! God is doing such things all the time. He transforms lives like the potter does the clay.

Here we read that the one who pursued believers for harm, now loves the same people who he once hated. He is a steward of the gentiles, a servant to help the ones he once had no use for. How great is our God! He turns darkness into light, and mountains into valleys!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

"In whom you also are being built together for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit." Ephesians 2:22 NKJV

This is the last verse of Ephesians 2. The Apostle Paul has honed in on a very important point in this chapter. We are all the same in Christ before God. The Jew who believes in Jesus as Savior has no place above any other believer.

This was a foreign notion to the Jews. Faith in the One True God gave them superiority over all other people in God's eyes. Those who knew that Jesus WAS the Messiah and were looking for him probably didn't have a problem with this.

Those who might have been looking at themselves would not want anything to do with such thoughts. Claiming that God lived within you by His Spirit would have been considered a crime. The old testament scriptures upheld everything that Jesus said and did. 

What is the problem? Self.

Isn't it always our own flesh that holds us back from believing for the miracle? Isn't it self that puts a hole in the middle of our faith? What causes you the most harm spiritually? Is it fear, or unbelief, or sickness? I remember saying to myself,"If I wasn't sick God would be pleased with me.What kind of theology is this? It doesn't come from the Bible.

God is pleased with those who love him, and are called by his
 name. Struggle is a normal part of life, no matter what we believe.The difference is that he accompanies us through the trials, and makes us better in the long run.

No Father wants to see their children struggle. Certainly God is the best Father of all. He looks at our strengthened trust, obedience or healing rather than the trial. His desire is first of all to make us pure like Him. This is how we touch a lost and very hurting world.

The body of believers in America need to come together in the Spirit. Without agendas, or plans. God will dwell in those who yield to him. Isn't the will of God what we are here for?

Monday, March 5, 2018

"in whom the whole building, being fitted together, grows into a holy temple in the Lord," Ephesians 2:21 NKJV

"in whom the whole structure is joined [bound, welded] together harmoniously; and it continues to rise [grow, increase] into a holy temple in the Lord - a sanctuary dedicated, consecrated and sacred to the presence of the Lord." Eph. 2:21 AMP

Have you ever watched a house or building go up? It takes precision, muscle and team work. I think of the Amish barn builders who gather the community to raise a barn. The work is meticulously done in a short period of time. The saying, too many cooks spoil the broth does not apply here.

Every person is used to bring about a close to perfect product. 
There is no room for error, except that perfection is only found in Jesus. God builds us with strength and an ability that we have not seen this side of heaven. The idea of welding  adds a new dimension to the picture. The metals melt into each other so that the bond is as tight as possible.

Harmony paints us a picture of voices or instruments coming together to make one melodious sound. It is layered with many tones that mature into a new voice. It also comes through hard work, and toil. It is the inner man relinquishing control to make a Godly melody. I wish I could tell you that it doesn't hurt.  

The pain speaks of life. My own will that still lives. I wish I could pray it away, or wish it away but none of these ideas work. There is gain in the pain. As always God uses everything to make us more like him. Laying down our needs and our own useless ways is where life abundantly begins.

God says you are a sanctuary, sacred to him. If God feels this way about us, how much more should we be acceptable to ourselves. He doesn't have any bad feelings toward his obedient children. He loves us and his word demonstrates this truth over and over again. He sings over us with joy. Zephaniah 3:17

We can be thankful to God for the good work he is doing in our hearts. Our trust in him is essential to our growth. Sometimes we don't see the work in our own hearts as clearly as others can. We can rest because He is a good Father and he is making us like His Son.

Friday, March 2, 2018

"having been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ being the chief cornerstone," Ephesians 2:20 NKJV

I know what a cornerstone is. Do you? I am about to tell you, and I am excited that I actually know this and I didn't have to look it up. When I was a child we went to the Presbyterian Church in Smithtown. While there a Christian Education Building was added to the original.

 A huge cornerstone was placed on the side. It held some time capsule items so that if anyone in the future were to find it, they would know what 1966 was like. Why any one would want to know is their business. I'm trying to be funny. My humor is so dry I have to tell you when to laugh. Anyway, the cornerstone more importantly held the entire building up.

When the Apostle Paul writes about buildings he probably referred to the massive builds in Rome. A cornerstone was of utmost importance, and had to be stronger than any others. When he writes about Jesus being our cornerstone, we know this means the best, the finest character, the purest man to ever live is where we rest.

The one that we rest in, is more real that the things we now see with our natural eye. All things that we can touch and feel will be tossed aside, when the true light of heaven has come. Since this chapter of Ephesians is all about the building of the body of Christ, it makes sense to end with Jesus. 

He gives equality to all believers as we have been been reading the past few weeks. The coming together of Gentile and Jew is a major sign of putting behind the old, to embrace the new.

Jesus makes us all the same, no religious distinction, no hierarchy, no difference between sex or country. No cultural distinctions, or barriers can keep us away from being close to God. We are striped of our titles, or characters or any other influence of this world. What has made you popular or unlikeable means nothing when we are before God.

When we get right down to the nitty gritty, the things that matter the most are all things that we cannot see. Of course people are important, and the most important part of people is their spirit. It is invisible. God is invisible at least for the time being. Right now we are here, in the midst of the not so real. He is here with us!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

"You are no longer outsiders-exiles, migrants and aliens, excluded from the rights of citizens; but you now share citizenship with the saints-God's own people, consecrated and set apart for Himself; and you belong to God's [own] household."  Ephesians 2:19  AMP

How did it get to be March 1? This year is moving too fast for me. The best thing for me to do is sit back, and recall all that He has done in the past few months.

 My daughter Stephanie was diagnosed with ADHD and is on medication for this. We are seeing a huge change in her after 6 years of slump in school, and others places. She is able to think clearly, and focus for the first time. Who knew? God did and he hear our prayer.

 Praising God brings us perspective like nothing else. We see eternal blessings, and we realize this world is not forever. All that can get us worried will be gone tomorrow.

I am so glad that I am not an outsider to the Kingdom of God. Being included into the biggest family of all time can be rather special. You won't get birthday cards from everyone, but that's a good thing. The Post Office would be overcome with all the postage.

 You won't know all of their names. All of us will not fit into any conference center, so we won't get to meet every one. The body of believers that inhabit the earth today is growing at a fast rate, with countries like Iran leading the race. Thousands of underground churches are meeting on a regular basis, and lives are being transformed! Even the most devout are feeling the emptiness of their religion, and turning to the One True God.

He is not a religion, He is The Lord God Almighty, who was and who is and who is to come. Revelation 1:8 Who can stop the Lord Almighty are the lyrics to a popular song. He will have his way, and his plans no one can control.

It is far better to get on the Lord's side because when He returns, no one will be able to stand in his presence.The family of God has all sorts of people, from all over the world. We are gathered at the foot of the cross in unity and love. Thank God for His love for you!