Tuesday, May 28, 2019

This is my daughter Stephanie and her cousin Kimberly. They have been good friends since they were very little. Kim lives in North Carolina, and we live on Long Island, but the distance doesn’t matter. Their friendship takes off right where they left it the last time they were together.

I find my relationship with God to be similar to this, however I try not to have long periods where I don’t talk or see Him. He never misses a beat, but if I wait too long in between my prayer, I get out  of step with Him.  This is what the Lord says: The heaven is my  throne room and the earth is my footstool. ( Isaiah 66:1) If someone has moved in our relationship it’s me.

Lately my allergies have made me drowsy, and I sleep more. I will wake up late, and try to cram a lot of prayer into a short period of time. This never works well, and my day will feel a bit out of wack. I have learned to place the prayer time into the day since it won’t do to miss it entirely. If you want to be  mad, upset and cranky, leave out prayer and there you have it!

My constant prayer has come right from my heart. I wake up asking the Lord for wisdom and guidance on this one. It is entirely over my head. We need a Maternity Home in Suffolk County where I live. There is nothing for women over the age of 21, which happens to be more than half of the women coming to Pregnancy Centers in our area. My friends are also as adamant about this issue.

Prayer is what will make the difference. No one who ever did anything for God did it in their own strength.God doesn't Get the glory when we use what he has given us to work out problems. He receives all glory honor and praise when He takes over and does what we can’t.

When we look to God with all our hearts souls and strength,  He will show up in power and the authority of heaven! Maybe you have circumstances right now that are less than perfect. WE all have times like this. We wouldn't be human if we were free from trials all the time.

The Body of Christ, is made up of believers who are in the local church to lean on when we have a need. We were not made to live alone, by ourselves and carry every burden ourselves. This is also why God made the family. When these gifts work according to God's design we can receive comfort from others. Call someone today and let them know what is on your heart! Pray with them, and if necessary do it once a week. We have busy schedules, but praying with someone over the phone can be an easy alternative to meeting somewhere.
Blessings and love.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Filled with compassion, Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man. “I am willing,” he said. Be clean! Immediately the leprosy left him and he was cured.  Mark 1: 41-42

Have you enjoyed the nice weather yet? Depending on where you live, it may have only had a few days so far, but there’s more ahead. Every year I tell myself I won’t miss the beach weather, but then I do. This life is to be enjoyed, so I’ve got to get out there! No excuses for not going in 2019!

In our verse today the man with leprosy came to Jesus, begging him on his knees for healing. He asked Jesus if he would be willing to heal him. The opportunity to be made whole was right before him. It would be foolish not to ask Jesus to heal. Asking the one who created us to heal is like asking the sun to shine.

Jesus is the giver of life and wholeness, so why did this man feel unworthy of healing? Some versions of the Bible say in this verse that Jesus was indignant rather than compassionate. Jesus was feeling annoyance at what was perceived as unfair treatment, according to the dictionary. 

Jesus wasn’t annoyed with the man or his question, but at the bondage of the enemy. The enemy of our souls will go to great lengths to discourage our faith. He wants us to be filled with unbelief and anger against God. Have you ever felt this way because of your circumstances?

All of us have walked through discouragement at one time or another. If we keep our eyes looking up at our Heavenly Father we will be reassured that he is working in our situation.He isn’ t the one to hold back blessings. He wants to pour out good things on his children. 

I don’t know about you, but I can get in God’s way. I try to figure out how he might change my situation, and then get discouraged  when He doesn’t do what I expected. I have found he’s capable of making my circumstance just right without my help.

 As we often do, this man runs home and does the opposite of what Jesus told him. He tells everyone about his healing. This puts Jesus in a difficult place because now he must stay out of the cities and villages or be trampled by the crowds.

This man probably didn't’ know why Jesus told him to be quiet, and the excitement was too much for him. We can identify with this average man as we are likely to do similar things. Those who are slow to speak often please God the most.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Those living far away fear your wonders; where morning dawns and evening fades you call forth songs of joy.   Psalm 65:8

Yes, flowers are really beginning to bloom on Long Island. Spring is here and the days are warmer.We know it always comes but when its cold for months, we can forget how nice the warm breeze feels.

The past month has been a whirlwind of good activities. Last Saturday, my friends and I went to Manhattan for a Focus on the Family Rally in Times Square. The area was just as ugly and vile as I remembered it. 

As we praised Him, the mercy and grace of God became real to me. Even the vilest sinner he extends his hand of love! The Rally was to encourage New Yorkers for Life. We were blessed and we felt loved!  We rarely see Christian Leaders in New York!

Our laws for abortion are the worst in the country. Today, Governor Kemp of Georgia signed the LIFE Act, banning abortion after 6 weeks. This is a landmark decision, and all of the pro-life movement is saying, this is an improvement! Life begins at conception, so we have some ground to conquer, but thankfully Governor Kemp has more sense than others.

WE can praise God even when the world around us is falling into great trouble, because we know He is the Redeemer. Anyone who turns to Him will be made whole if repentence is real in their lives. Jesus, who endured all sickness and shame for us, knows how to bring anyone to life.

He offers freedom from anxiety, fear and shame. He gives in abundance, and then He gives again! There is no end of His blessings, and He loves to give to overflowing. As a river flowing after the rain, His goodness will pour out on all who obey and follow Him.

Saturday we are having a big event at my home. A Yard /Bake Sale and a raffle. WE are raising money for the Breath of Life Maternity Home. You may not recognize this name because it doesn't exsist except in our hearts. Young women come to Pregnancy Centers on Long Island who are over 21. Our county doesn't house any pregnant woman over the age of 21.

Where can they go? A shelter? Is that a good place for a pregnant girl?