Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Isn't this inviting? Not only do they have ice cream, sorbets and ices, they have several cases filled with pastries and homemade candies! Yum, but I don't eat sugar. I thought about this for a few days while I was in Chicago, and I decided  to have a kiddie cup, but it didn't taste as good as I remembered. I lost my taste for ice cream, or at least sugar.

We can lose our taste for sin too. It doesn't satisfy like it used to because when you are in the light, anything else tastes dirty. Yuck! If I continued to push the sugar into me, I would get sores in my mouth. That is no fun at all, and keeps me away from wanting things that I used to eat with no problem. I am glad for that. What keeps us away from sin? Not wanting to disappoint our Father in Heaven. It doesn't always work, I fall and ask him to forgive me like everyone else, but I know He loves me, and He knows I work hard at staying away for it."Whom have I in heaven but you? And there is none upon the earth that I desire besides You. My flesh and my heart fail; But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever." {Psalm73: 25-26}

My mouth is usually what gets me into trouble. It usually is a negative thought that I have allowed to brew inside of me. A family member with a bad attitude, or someone who hasn't been nice to one of my children! That is a big trigger for me. We all have a choice with what we will do with these feelings. If I let the negatives remain, my mouth will prove it. Oh, then I am sorry for not letting go!! God will forgive my sincere cry for mercy, but I have taken a few steps back. I may even feel lonely, "Uninvited". My feelings are not telling me the truth, but I have to fight them off. Perhaps you have things to work out as well. Why don't you meet me this Sunday, at Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle at 10:30 in the back building near the parking lot? The class is for women who want to live loved, not lonely, or on the outside. God loves us so very much and HE wants us to be comfortable and encouraged especially in HIS house. I look forward to seeing you there! Here"s a quote from this study, "There is an abundant need in this world for your exact brand of Beautiful!" Amen!

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