Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Here we go again! Flowers on the stairs that just look so right! They perk up the most ordinary spaces. This winter I will be looking for other things, that can perk up those otherwise normal spots.
Do you see things in your everyday life that can bring a smile to your face? For me it can be seeing the sunshine when opening the blinds first thing in the morning, or watching a dog and it's owner walking down the street.

When we take in these seemingly everyday sights but enjoy them, it makes that day not so ordinary. I am always on the look out for photo opportunities, and the other day while driving on 25A in St. James I noticed the statue of a mother reading to her children. I shared it a few days ago. It blessed me so much, not only for the reasons on mentioned the other day, but also because it caused me to pause and pray for my friend Cathie who works in that building. I usually don't think of that when I pass by, but now I do!

Prayer is the single most important thing we can give anyone! Yes, we need to feed the hungry, and by all means give them what they need for daily living, but if we forget to pray, we haven't completed the process that God has called us to. Pray for revival across our nation. Pray this week especially for repentance as this has been designated a week of prayer for this. If you would like to follow this grass roots movement you can go to REVIVALMATTERS.com.  It is worth your time.

"Say among the nations, 'The Lord reigns; The world is firmly established, It shall not be moved; He shall judge the peoples righteously.'"    {Psalm 96:10}

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