Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Good morning! What a wonderful God we serve! He is just so faithful! I am in Orlando Florida, about to go to Animal Kingdom with my husband, daughter and her friend, where we will meet up with old friends who live in the area. Yesterday we went to Epcot and it was so lovely, even though it was a packed house.

 The glory of God could be seen in everything we did. From Soarin, to Nemo's aguarium, and all the  countries that were varied in their culture and style.God loves all people, no matter what their lives are like, but He desires deeply to touch all with His powerful love and healing.

Seeing all the crowds, I couldn't help wonder what their lives are like, where they were from, and what they knew of our Wonderful Savior! Do they have the priviledge of being a part of an on-fire church, where they can grow in Christ, or have they never walked into the doors of a church?

My Dad was such a man. He didn't even get married in a church, much less go to one of his own volition. My life was the only witness that he had of what a Christian is like, until my husband came into the picture. They didn't get along because my Father was angry and demanding, but my husband wanted to encourage and uplift me, which he does every day.

As I grew older, My heart was burdened for my Dad, and I prayed and asked the Lord to show me ways in which I could minister to him. I knew under all of his gruffness was a heart that was hurting . Maybe you have someone right now in your life who is not considerate of your feelings. Only Jesus can give you a love for them and a heart to reach them for Christ. Call upon Jesus with a contrite heart, and He will answer, just as He did with my Dad.

As it turns out, the Lord laid it on my heart to get my Dad a dog because he was a huge animal lover. This profoundly touched my Father, and changed his attitude towards us. God is a good Father and He knows how to touch anyone, no matter how hard their hearts are. Blessing, Blessings, Blessings!

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