Monday, February 6, 2017

This is Bethany beach in Delaware. See the little sandpiper near the edge of the water? All he does all day long is run away from the water as it comes into shore. I guess he never realizes that the water is not going to harm him.

God says that He cares for the birds, so how much more will He care for you, because you are worth more than many birds.We can reason, we can make choices, and choose how we will behave.  Our little friend, he can't do any of that. Most importantly, we can choose to have a relationship with God's son, Jesus. It is why He created us, to have relationship with Him. Sometimes that truth can just blow me away!  Why would He, who is all powerful, all knowing, and has all wisdom want to speak to me? I suppose that is the reason for some people to choose unbelief.

Others choose to not think about any of this, but sooner or later, it catches up with all of us. What comes after this life? Is God good?  What do I have to do to go to heaven? The answer to that is nothing. You can't possibly do anything that would cause a righteous God to allow you into His sinless, Holy place called heaven. The work has already been done for you, and for me.

"It is finished," Jesus cried out before He died on the cross. The work has been completed, so all we have to do is obey, receive, believe and listen. Is He calling you to Himself? I believe He is as He has with so many others. The difference is, He knows you by name. I only know that someone will read this and say to themselves, God is speaking to me! Read His written word, the Bible, and listen for Him to speak again. 

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