Thursday, September 7, 2017

"If you have faith as a grain of a mustard seed-"{ Matthew 17:20}

I'm planting tulips today because I want something pretty to look forward to in spring. Usually I have to wait until I plant flowers or for the hydrangea to bloom, which doesn't happen every year. I usually plant geraniums which you see in the picture. They are tried and true when it comes to plants. They are hardy, bloom all summer, and are vibrant colors. I wish I could be vibrant, bloom all season, and never wilt! Some days are not meant for vibrancy I have decided. I call these catch up days.

A catch up day usually occurs after a lot of busyness, or emotion. My husband will say to me at night, I can't stop thinking, I need to shut down my brain. In the middle of the night I can wake up and my brain kicks into action, when it isn't supposed to. This is when prayer works well. Rehearsing with God what ever we are feeling at the time can bring back rest. Trusting in His unfailing love brings peace.

Peace can be fleeting if you live in a household with teens. I might add that girl teens can be particularly emotional and flippant. Plans can change in a moment, they can be stable one minute, and crying the next. "What's wrong?" you say. "Oh nothing," they cry. O.K., then let's move on. "Don't you care about why I"m crying?"Men have a hard time understanding this. They are not the only ones. I know that my child will be fine. All girls come out of the "teen years", and move on to some concept of stability. I know this. I want it now!

I want my teen to understand everything, act like an adult, be courteous all the time, and not ask any questions about this. Nice for me, but she doesn't learn a thing. She needs to see Christ in me, so that she can be drawn to Him, even on those days when I don't feel like it. How do I do this. "I" get me out of the way. If I will lean on God, and take each step one at a time, He will come out. Our children start out smaller than a mustard seed, but with time, prayer and lots of coaching, caring , and love will glorify God beyond anything that we have ever been able to do.

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