Wednesday, September 27, 2017

When we are following Jesus, a great adventure can be around the corner, or maybe you are involved in one right now! Our God loves to take us on trips, adventures that seemly come out of nowhere, but He has planned them for us from the beginning of time. How incredible to think of what takes us by surprise was in God's plan all along! Help me Lord, to glean all the good that I can out of these wild rides.

I was stunned when my daughter Stephanie was ready to be delivered, and I got to the hospital, got checked in , and every sign of labor stopped. I thought , oh well it will begin again, one hour, two hours nothing. I was sent home. That had never happened to be before, and she was our forth child. Something new and different, was happening! When you think you have everything into a nice neat package, and you have figured out how God works in your life, he will through you a curve ball. Why? We are not supposed to try to figure Him out!

God is wildly unpredictable, and He likes it that way. He doesn't want us to be shaken up, He want us to trust. He wants our faith to grow, and grow, and grow, and if you are anything like me, you sometimes takes three steps forward, and then two steps back. He is forever faithful no matter what I do. Back to Stephanie, I go into labor again, about a week before my due date, now I'm sure this baby will be born. No, she was playing games with us. On the way home this time I was discouraged.

Another week goes by, and it is October 31, our church has a Harvest Festival and a friend takes our children to it for me. I rest, and I know this is not the day, because it's her due date, and babies are never born on their due date. Ha! My water breaks, and I call my husband. He is on his way home. He calls a neighbor to come and sit with me. My husband is so nervous because I tend to deliver fast.
My husband stumbles in the door, runs upstairs to get my suitcase, drops it and everything falls out. I had carefully placed each item into the case, but we don't have time for that now.  We go to the Doctor's office, and he examines me, and now the water is out all over the place. My doctor tells us we could go to the hospital or we could go home, and wait for labor. My husband knows my history and he very confidently, but not calmly says, "We are going to the hospital!"

He doesn't have time to check in, before Stephie appears, and we are overjoyed! The doctor didn't make it but that didn't matter to me. She came at the exact time that God had planned. Everything  was fine, but God's grace! This is the verse that I meditated on while waiting for a child. "My times are in your hands;"as the psalmist said to God , so I said to God, and He was faithful!

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