Tuesday, January 2, 2018

"For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight." {Ephesians 1:4}

Here it is, a new year! I hope you have a happy and healthy one, as you walk with God. I will be resuming our study of Ephesians chapter one. If you didn't read December 26, you may want to do that before we move on. The reason I chose this chapter is that the Apostle Paul gives a excellent description of who we are "In Christ."

Knowing who we are is precisely what we need to stand as a christian. If we don't see God as a loving, benevolent father, we won't understand his hand, or life situations that come our way. I don't know how many times I have thought,"This is a strange way to get my attention" when circumstances come along that I don't like. 

God, in His ever present love knows how to get each of our eyes on him, where we can receive the life giving care that we crave for. 

    Hope is what we crave.

What kind of hope do we grab hold of when in need? Hope that has been given before "the creation of the world. It is rock solid, and firm beyond the definition of the word. How do I describe someone who is never wavering, all sufficient, immovable, steady on steroids. 

Since God himself has chosen us, we ought not to question his judgement. Our all knowing all powerful God has made the declaration "You are mine." What could possibly be more solid? I do not know one thing.

In God's declaration of our belonging to him, he has also cleansed us to be able to see him clearly. Sin throws mud in our face, and dirties our vision so we don't see God as he truly is. His beauty and purity is hidden from our sight. Only he can remove the stains of sin with his precious, healing blood. 

 I have asked the Lord to give me a clean start today, for the New Year. Why don't you ask him  to do the same for you. 2018 can be the best year yet. I believe God wants it to be for you and I. He is a good Father!

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