Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Did you have a Merry Christmas? Not everyone does, you know. Sometimes holidays can be hard. When I was in my 20's, I spent Christmas eve with my father, and Christmas day with my mother. When  I met my husband Rudy, we spent time at his parents before we went to my father. It was confusing, and not much fun, but it was what we had to do. 

When I look back on these memories I thank God for his grace to see me through. It was one step at a time, one day, one hour. The scripture gave me evidence of who I was on the inside. If we look at Ephesians  chapter 1, I will show you what I mean. 

The apostle Paul wrote to this body of believers and he assures everyone of their spiritual blessings. He tells them to praise God, and that he had "Blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ." Ephesians 1:3 This is a huge promise, and we can't even begin to unpack it here, but I will try a little.

The earthly kingdom we live in is governed by the heavenly one above. Everything that happens here is either from God's hand, or he has allowed it, or it naturally occurs  because of the fallen world in which we live. All dominion has been given to Christ by His Father, so that Christ can in turn bless us. 

The work that was finished on the cross  has already purchased everything we need to live godly lives, and to overcome the enemy. How come we don't seem to have victory all the time? We don't always walk in the flow of this reality. The flow is like a river, where we allow the current to bring us along. Sometimes we go with it, and sometimes we get out of the river entirely.

As Christians, we can get in or out depending on circumstances. It is painful for me to admit that I can allow anger to pull me out at times. Surprise circumstances can pull me out, and cause me to walk on my own. When I do this, I am not in harmony with God, and I can choose to fall back in line, or choose my own way. Oh, how I hate telling you this, but I need to be perfectly blunt.

Don't get out of the way of God's blessings! Stay close to him and allow Him to form you into his image. You will forever praise him for it, and be ahead in your walk with Christ. I am saying all this to help you to be an overcomer, and hopefully you won't lose time like I did. God's grace and out of this world love for us covers us no matter what, as long as we choose to go with the current.  Blessings and love, always. 

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