Tuesday, July 17, 2018

"This is a great mystery, but I speak concerning Christ and the church.   Ephesians 5:32 NKJV

This mystery of Christ and the church? If Paul calls it a mystery I can't imagine I could call it anything different. It is a love relationship but it's not quite like anything else.

The Bible calls the church His bride.This is who we are collectively, and the Bible speaks of us in this way. As women we can relate easily to this concept. When I was young, girls in the catholic church had their first communion in white dresses. I believe this was to signify their marriage to Christ.

 The people of God are His. He has committed Himself to us as a loving husband does to his one and only wife. God doesn't have a backup plan. He isn't a foolish husband who makes a commitment he cannot keep.

He has made covenants with His people. Abraham's justification by faith promised him God would be with him and his descendants forever. God is the God of forever. His promises never end or have an expiration date.

His faithfulness is never late according to His time clock. We get flustered and out of sync when God doesn't move the way we want Him to. We may be led to think He has forgotten His covenant but this is impossible.

God is never out of sync with His agenda. His plans rule over everything else. Those who don't surrender to this will never have peace. The ruler of the Universe has made us with free wills to choose Him or not.

A love like this has never been duplicated or copied and it never will. There is only one God who gives grace and healing. He has extended Himself to humanity from the beginning of time. This comes from His love for us.

We cannot understand a love like this. It baffles common sense. It satisfies our hearts and fills it with joy. There are no words to adequately describe its depth and perseverance. You have to grab on Him for yourself!

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