Thursday, October 25, 2018

"without being frightened in any way by those who oppose you. This is a sign to them that they will be destroyed, but that you will be saved-and that by God." Philippians 1:28 NIV

Persecution is what Paul is talking to the Philippians about. They may not be behind bars for their faith but disbelief is everywhere. Christianity is only about sixty years old at this point. No mass media to get the message out.

People are hearing the gospel for the first time every day from missionaries who came to them on foot. The Holy Spirit is moving in a wonderful way, but some will not understand or hear their message. Blinded by this world and its ways, many need to know Jesus alone can save.

Saved from what you might wonder? Death, sin, torments, bodily ailments, lies from the enemy, discouragement, fear, bondages, and such things. And what does a child of God gain? Hope, love, peace,
salvation, life for ever, healing of body soul and mind, joy, laughter, victory, patience, kindness, goodness, self- control, knowledge that He is the everlasting God. The ability to be clean on the inside by being released from guilt and shame.

I could go on, and I think you probably have thought of some I forgot, but it's OK. It's hard to put the God of the entire Universe into a few sentences. We try to do this, but it never works. He is not able to fit in to our boxes. 

How do you put into words the Majestic One, who is the Creator and Ruler over All things? We have to in order to convey the message of the Gospel, but mere words fall short. Maybe we should show people Niagara Falls, The Grand Canyon, and the Atlantic Ocean. We tell them these are great, but none of it compares to the one who created them.

The reality is none of these things will impress if we don't pray. Blinders are removed from eyes when the power of the Holy Spirit is present to reveal Himself. People are shaken out of their spiritual slumber when the Holy Spirit is close and prayer has broken chains that bind.

Let God show you who to pray for. You might be surprised. The woman behind the register at stop and shop?  The attendant who helped you at The Home Depot? God knows the hearts of people everywhere, and He cares for them. You can be Jesus' hands and feet today or tomorrow.

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