Thursday, January 24, 2019

For His sake I have lost everything and consider it all rubbish{refuse, dregs}, in order that I may win{gain} Christ, the Anointed One, Philippians 3:8b AMP

Here is a gate with a pathway leading to? This is a dilemma for all of us.  If I decide to take this path,where will it lead me, and will I be able to get off this one if I don't like what's ahead? Some easy answers to this question: Will I ever stop paying taxes? 

Will my body live for ever?  Will I be able to jump off the cliff and not be harmed? Of course you realize that no is the correct answer to these questions, but life isn't this simple. Thank God he has given us His word as a faithful guide.

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Psalm 119:105 Why did the Psalmist write lamp and light? Why couldn't he use only one reference to enlightenment? A lamp guides your steps in a close one by one secession. A light opens up the path before us.

 We need God's word in our everyday life as a step by step process, and in the long term as we move down the path. I have a wonderful testimony to share! After my parents died I sought out a cardiologist to check my heart. I was about 50 years old. Both of them had heart issues, and I thought it should be checked but I wasn't concerned.

The Doctor I chose was a young man, and he was adamant about me being on medication for a leaky valve. I reluctently agreed. Every time I went I told him I didn't believe I needed medication. He told me my valve would only get worse not better. I told him I didn't believe him. 

He thought I was being rebellious, but I assured him I wasn't against him, but knowing God is in control. Today, I  have a healthy heart, no medication, no leaky valve, 10 years later! I got to talk to the doctor about a cardiologist my friend in Florida goes to, who prays for his patients, and has seen miraclous healings.

I say this to explain the path I took, and how God led me to believe Him for my healing. I don't want anyone to stop taking medication, and what I took was a precautionary measure, but my point is I did what I knew to do, and God took care of the rest.

Paul tells us he gained everything even though he lost it all. How does this make sense? He lost only the bad stuff, the things not worth anything by God's Kingdom standards. He is a miracle working God and He is worthy of our total adoration and praise. 

Many can testify to the healing and power of God in their lives. The Bible tells us that the world wouldn't be big enough to hold any book about all His mighty works. He is ever present to help, and work in your life too, and I know He is!

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