Wednesday, January 16, 2019

If anyone thinks he has reasons to put confidence in the flesh, I have more. Philippians 3:5 NIV

All is quiet this afternoon. The dogs are sleeping on the floor, as the sun fades from the sky. I have been tired today so my regular laundry and cleaning will have to wait until tomorrow. Some days are like this, and it's fine. I'll catch up tomorrow.

This morning I was up and out with our Great Pyrenees pup to the Veterinarian. She is six months old and needed to be spayed. I was ready to go, but she wasn't. She's 61 pounds and only half way through her growing season. I couldn't convince her to go into the garage and I realized she is afraid of cars.

On the way out of the Vets office I couldn't get her to move off the sidewalk. I thought it would be easier going home since she would be sedated. She wasn't interested in moving. I asked the Lord to help, and she advanced into the car! Don't ever think any prayer is too simple for the Lord!

Paul states in our verse that he had confidence in his upbringing, and education. Why do we think any one of us is superior to another? Insecurity, division, and competetion cause us to strive against everyone else, but in the end it does nothing but destroy us.

The enemy is behind this for sure. He wants to dominate our thinking, and he especially wants us to think we are superior to others. If he can convince us to be alone, isolated from others then he can grab our attention and really make us miserable!

From the beginning of time this has been his way of operating. In Genesis, the enemy by way of a snake, spoke to Eve and convinced her that God didn't really say she couldn't eat the fruit from the middle of the garden. He has been on the attack ever since the creation of man, because this is his way of attacking God.

The enemy knows he can't attack God, so he tries to pull us under, making us feel less than, or unworthy of God's attention and love. When we belong to Jesus, by way of the cross, the enemy will lie cheat and steal to get us to turn away from believing in Jesus and following His ways. Don't believe him. 

What God says about you will stand for eternity. His love is ever-lasting, and HE promises to never leave us or forsake us. NEVER! Who do you know that can say this? Even our loved ones can't be with us always. Rest in His truth, and allow Him to take control.

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