Thursday, August 31, 2017

If anyone lacks wisdom , let him ask of God who  gives generously without finding  fault and he will give it to you.  James 1:5

Wisdom is not a thing that you find most people talking about theses days. It is not on the list of top 100 words used in the U.S right now. In Solomon's day everyone was amazed by the wisdom that God bestowed on him. The Queen of Sheba was overwhelmed by all that Solomon knew and had aquired. Liz Curtis Higgs has a new book out that talks about this Queen. I haven't read it yet but I am curious about what Liz has to say. Liz is a lovely Christian woman who spoke at the conference I went to. She is best known for her humor, but she has a depth and love for God that I found unique. I can't recommend the book yet, but I am almost certain she has wonderful things for us. Liz will pull you in with her stories, and then say something so significant that you will remember it.

Solomon asked God for wisdom, and God was so happy to give it to him because it was a better request than others. God said he would give Solomon many riches because he didn't ask for anything for himself. Solomon lost his wisdom when things became more important than God, and women filled him with false ideas. Having everything is no replacement for the truth. He was the one man with everything except what mattered most. He couldn't find his way back to God with his money or women. Only God can make himself known to the human heart. Only God is worth giving our everything for.

Wisdom can mean many things to many people, but from a biblical construct it means what is important in relation to God and eternal values that He deems worthy. Jesus spoke from what He heard from His Father. He said " I only do what I see my Father doing." For us that looks like prayer and reading, studying the word of God. Fellowship with other believers is crucial to our wisdom too.

I cannot stress it enough! Read your Bible go to Bible Studies, spend time alone with God. If you give yourself  to these things you will be established on the rock. As I say this to you I say it double for me. Now is the time to get serious and move ahead. As time goes on, it may get harder for us if we don't do it now. The world is darker than it has ever been. Look to the heavens and  see His lovely face. You will never regret any time you give to God. Boldness and strength are wisdom for our day.

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