Monday, September 24, 2018

Loading the Dishwasher and Other Things of No Significance

I am completely off track today but please bear with me. I have to admit I have meltdown days. I don't have them for no reason, but for tragic circumstances. Unfortunately, my emotions don't match up with the moment.

God loves me in the midst of the trauma, and when I have a delayed reaction. When you read my book, you will understand about how this came to be in my life. {the book is a work in progress} 

Jesus, in His amazing wisdom, gives us glimpses of how things are, but also of how things ought to be. I didn't know stuffing my emotions and letting them out at other times was not healthy. I was unaware of this happening. This was how my family operated, or my mother at least.

She didn't know she could change, although she wanted to go to counseling in her 80's but thought it was too late. I used to tell her,"Mom, it's never too late." Love you Mom! 

What does this have to do with the dishwasher? I was loading it this morning and thinking about how trivial it is. Many things we do each day have little significance, but if we ignore them, we would have a huge mess. I would rather do daily chores than have a huge once a week pile to deal with.

 {My daughter Stephanie, a teen doesn't agree with this theory.}

I'm asking the Lord to even out my emotions so I don't stuff them into a big ball of messiness. I have made good progress since my post-partum depression days. What about you? Do you ever feel a delayed reaction to a serious situation?

My sister lost her house and all its contents to a flood in North Carolina last week, just a week from today. She and her daughter Kim were in New York with us when it happened, and her husband and son were at their house. They left as the waters of the Cape Fear River came up through the floor boards.

No one can get close to their house to see what the damage is, but the experts think there was about three feet of water inside at the cresting point. God is faithful regardless of our circumstances, but it hurts when a loved one is away and going through a difficult time.

Thank God I can lean on Him. I can lean into Him, as He surrounds me. I know He is surrounding Allison, Steve, Zac, and Kim as well. How do I know? 

I'm praying. God is answering. 

Love to all and especially those in the flooded areas of North and South Carolina.

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