Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Finally, my brothers, rejoice in the Lord! It is no trouble for me to write the same things to you again, and it is a safeguard for you. Philippians 3:1 NIV

This is a cathedral ceiling! It produces a sense of awe in us, and so it does what it was created for. The architects wanted to inspire a reverence for God in their work.The majestic power and presence of God is overpowering to our imperfect minds. 

The holiness of God is sensed by the high columns , and the arched ceilings give a sense of moving on forever. His power and authority endure forever! In the days of this architecture, God seemed to be distant, and so it didn't quite catch who God is according to the Bible. He certainly is all of the things I described, but so much more!

The love of God seems to be removed in this vast cathedral, being stark and hollow. God with us, the Savior who walked among us tends to be lost in these halls. How can man capture the majesty and the humanity of Jesus Christ?

It won't happen in a building, I'm pretty sure, however I appreciate those who have tried.  Most days I realize His presence in the simple things around me. A child's smile, a friend's hug, even the wagging of my puppy's tail. 

These things are vastly wonderful and creative as much as the highest mountain top, and the deepest ocean. It all depends on how we see them. The mighty creator of all things speaks in a whisper, as well as in a thunderous clap. We can miss the thunder if we aren't careful or on a tangent.

Don't miss the thunder, and certainly don't miss the whisper. Paul is happy in our verse today to repeat what he's said before. Don't we all need to hear the same things many times before we realize them as truth? God speaks in ways of which we can be oblivious , if we aren't  quiet in our hearts.

He doesn't speak through yoga, or hinduism, and He will never use the occult. These are enemies of God. He speaks to us through His word, the Bible. The roaring anthem of the King of Kings and of His Spirit is loud and clear. I AM. Nothing else needs to be said.


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