Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I love mosaics, in fact I have tried to make some of my own. Not too big, just the size of an ashtray. This is not one of mine, and it isn't famous or anything, I just liked it. It kind of reminds me of all the freckles that have been showing on my face lately.

I started using "bio oil" to naturally erase them, but I never stay with the regimen. At night it seems like another thing to do. In the morning I don't want to be bothered either. The label says it takes about 4 months before you see a difference. UGH! Who wants to wait that long to see results!

I have to say that this reminds me of prayer sometimes. I consider it "easier" if I just do what I want, instead of waiting on God. What a mistake because I usually need to go back, and ask the Lord for His advise or seek it out in His Holy Word. I waste more time by not looking to Him in the first place!

I know my "freckles" cannot be seem by anyone but me, so its not a big deal. My prayer time is. As I get older it seems that I want to seek Him more. A good portion of my life is behind me, and I'm fine with that, I'm not longing to be 20! I want to be more like Jesus, because I know what happens when I am at the helm. It's is worth everything to honor Jesus, and bow before Him!

"Seek the Lord while He may be found, Call upon Him while He is near.  {Isaiah 55:6}

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