Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I think this is the funniest name for a clothing store! It sounds more like a comment that you would see on someone's facebook or twitter account! So be it, they are making a statement, and I guess it has an effect. It made me laugh, and curious about what they were selling.

What do we know about freedom? We live in a country that is free, just ask someone from Syria or Iran. We are free to take on any occupation, or activity that we want; Go to the college of our choice, as long as they want us. We are free to attend whatever church we want. 

Spiritual freedom is something else completely different. Anyone, anywhere can control who and what they are going to believe. A government can't make us change our faith, but some have certainly tried. What about the 90, 000 christians who were beheaded or killed in the middle east just last year?
Once we are free, we are free indeed! Not even death itself can persuade us to renounce Christ.
Even those who gave in to propaganda, and renounced Christ, are forgiven and encouraged to get up and walk on.

Maybe this title also hit you as funny. All those around me at the time may have not had the slightest idea how I saw this, but freedom to me is what Jesus gave to me, and you, and he's still freeing me from myself everyday. Thank God for the cross, where I can die to my own selfish, wicked ways, and allow Him to shine! Be blessed today!

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