Tuesday, May 23, 2017

"An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up."   {Proverbs 12:25}

Colors, shapes and fragrances, and each as different as the one before it. I might be speaking of flowers or I might be speaking of people but either one, God has fashioned after His delight and desire. Women especially are caught in the web of body image, and size, but I read recently that the skinny model is now not such a hot thing any more.

It just goes to show you that those things that we search after only become a passing desire until something else comes about.Why do we care so much about loosing weight to look slim or being tall or short? It is because of what we believe society tells us? When I was in my twenties, I thought my neck was way too long, and that it seemed out of place, until a girl I worked with told me that she thought my neck looked so nice because she didn't have much of a neck! I was floored! I never considered her to have any flaws, yet she noticed, {or someone else may have pointed it out many times,} that she had a short neck!

Have you ever heard a parent or grandparent describe a child by a flaw in their looks? I have, "you know my daughter, the one who is really short" or "Billy is my best reader, but boy does he have strange ears!" I just want to tell them stop, don't say that about them! Use a good trait to describe them, don't follow by a negative. It is so easy to be comfortable with those in our own household, but words can stick, and that's not fun for a child. My father used to check our noses as we grew, because he didn't want them to be the same shape as our mothers! What does that say to a child?

In our society today with instrgram, someone can write a harsh comment, and then it is gone, after two minutes, but it can stay in a child's heart for years. Writing things in e-mails can follow kids into their adult life. How important words have always been, but when we remind ourselves how dangerous they can be we can use caution. So easily they fall from our lips, but what will be the aftermath? I want to sow good seed, into good soil, so I will by God's grace! You will too!

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