Wednesday, May 31, 2017

This is not in Spain or Italy, but right here in the U.S., on the property of Disney Springs in February. It was warmer there in February than it is here in May.  My husband went into his office yesterday and declared: Summer is over! I'm sure he was met with a lot of groans. This certainly doesn't prove global warming, and since this has been a steady change over several years I would say it disproves it. I know there is more to it than our local weather, just saying.

I went to visit Dorothy in the Nursing Home yesterday. She is my friend Joann's Mom. Although she has only been saved for about a year or two, she loves the Lord and wants His ways. I was so blessed to pray for her, and bestow a blessing upon her. It wasn't me, it was the Lord. Such a sweet octogenarian, {My Dad called himself this all the time: someone who is in their eighties}she has a job to do while she is in a place where others cannot reach. The Lord made it clear through prayer that she could touch lives inside those walls that others won't be able to .

I am in awe of our Almighty God, who uses people wherever they are, doing simple loving things, saying simple needed words. She can say to a lonely sick person, I know how you feel, and they will believe her! She can share Jesus, and speak with decisiveness about how wonderful He is. We all can be used even in the worst situations, which is how the Kingdom of God works. Isn't it marvelous how the world will think that one person is so important, but God sees us all the same. In His Kingdom, Dorothy's acts of kindness are on the big screen T.V., with angels rooting her on!

 He gives us the grace to overcome, and love others that we never could in our own strength!  He reveals to us how important every life is, and how they can fit into His plan. Our time here is measured by God, we don't know what that means, but we can be ready to share and do for Him. Even giving a cup of cold water on a hot day can speak loud and clear how we care.

"Don't forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it!"[Hebrews 13:2} NLT

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