Friday, February 16, 2018

Do you like my wallpaper of the day? Bright and cheerful. This is me on the inside, on the outside not as much. This is because I am limited to the inside of my house. Running and jumping have their limits indoors. Speaking of which, have you been enjoying the Olympics?

 I love to watch the skaters and snowboarders as each one leaps, runs, spins and all that good stuff. I want to do such things too, but my body isn't there. Some day, I will do all of these things and more, when I am not limited to this body.

Running is something I can enjoy at the moment, but I'm limited to house only. Walking is more what I do, but I must get some fast strides in there. This is a prerequisite for me to heaven.

"For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them."  Ephesians 2:10  NKJV

Every person you talk to can have their own definition of what is a "good work." To some it would be "good" to have stricter gun control. To others we need to have better mental health care. I am referring to the horrific school shooting in Florida this week. 

Many groups are using this situation for their own political gain, which is divisive. What about our youth? Who is going to cry out to God on their behalf? This all is a reflection on the breakdown of the home. Mothers and Fathers are needed in order to build a strong moral society.

Our culture makes fun of manhood, as if it is a dirty thing. Strong men, and fathers are necessary to anchor our youth. After all, our young get their reference of Godliness from their own relationship with their father. Manhood is a necessary blessing in a society when it is in God's balance.

I'm not trying to make men seem infallible, not at all. We have gone so far in the opposite direction from a "good" representation of our heavenly Father's character. We cannot downplay this necessity in our culture anymore.

God forbid that we try to go on as usual, as if this is now an acceptable part of our lives. This world hasn't got the answers. God has always been, and will always be the answer to all of our society's wows. I know we are in the end times, but we as the people of God are not to slid into despondency but to action, whatever that means for each of us. 

Can you influence youth? Go out and do it. Can you pray? Every one can. Do what you know to do, and you will know what to do.This is a favorite saying of my Pastor. Do what's right, and God will show you the rest. None of us can do all of the work, but everyone can do their part. Praise God, He does the "good" work!

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