Tuesday, February 20, 2018


"Therefore remember that you, once Gentiles in the flesh- who are called Uncircumcision by what is called the Circumcision made in the flesh by hands-"  Ephesians 2:11  NKJV

You may be wondering why I didn't write yesterday. It was a holiday. That's not the reason. My husband was home, and my schedule was not my ordinary one for Mondays. I guess you could say that it was because of the holiday!

What matters is I am here now. Let's focus on our Friend and leader the Apostle Paul. I do believe that if he lived in our day, or we in his, that we would be friends. He would be the type of friend to ask all of our questions. How come good people suffer? Why do young people die of terrible diseases? You know the questions you would ask.

Would he have the answers? Probably not. Why? Some things are hard for our finite minds to understand. Does this mean that we shouldn't ask hard questions? No. Our God is not moved by any questions, as long as said questions do not lead to unbelief.

Let's look at our verse. Circumcision? Why is this in question? The Jewish law said that any male who is not circumcised is outside the household of Faith. It was an outward sign of {hopefully} an inward commitment. We know this doesn't work, because many have an outward sign, with no heart.

Paul doesn't tell them, being Gentiles, to be circumcised. He understands that this was an outward sign, made by hands. Our heart attitude far surpasses what our flesh shows on the outside. 

The pride of the Jews was the fact that an outward sign was on their bodies. Paul tells those who first have faith in Christ that you would have to follow the whole law in order for this to be a valid sign. This would be futile. Why start in faith, and end in the law? Christ has delivered us from the sting of the law, the bondage of following rules, for no reason.

Jesus perfected our faith, and took away a legalistic perspective. It would never save us. He knew the law better than any man. He knew it was futile, except to bring us to the only one who could bring liberty. He knew the work had to be done, and he did it!

The cross is our liberty. Before the resurrection, the cross was only a sign of cruel, heartless death. Today it stands for new life, and freedom. Only our mighty, powerful God could ever take a sign of despair, and make it good. It's who he is! Wonderful!

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