Wednesday, April 18, 2018

"But to each one of us grace has been given as Christ apportioned it."   Ephesians 4:7  NIV

I took this picture myself a few years ago at Bethany Beach in Delaware.The pics I have used recently are from a site, and don't have any personal attachment. I can't wait to be on the beach! Usually we go to our local beach on the Long Island Sound, only 10 minutes away. There is little traffic, and it's easily accessible.

The trade off is it is not the Ocean. There are rocks instead of a lot of nice clean sand, and if you don't wear beach shoes it's not fun at all. Bugs can be a problem too, since there isn't a strong ocean breeze. My husband Rudy isn't up for a ride to the ocean on the weekends. He rather sit in our own backyard and listen to the birds chirp, and not hear people.

He's not anti social at all, He's tired after a busy week, and I understand him. I go to our local beach sometimes during the day to walk and get my feet wet. I might pray a little when no one is around. I feel the Lord's presence in the outdoors. It is His domain.

This is the first week that us Long Islanders have had a day where the temp was above 60 degrees.  My sister in North Carolina has had spring weather for two months. Those of us in the northeast have had to rely on God's grace to get us through.

I'll bet you were wondering how I was going to fit this verse in! God's grace isn't something we can take for granted. It is given when we trust Him to be who He said He would be. Our faith ignites the grace of God in our lives. We become aware of this marvelous grace when faith is present.

Can we trust God that He will apportion to us the grace that is needed in our circumstance? Yes, because He knows better than anyone how much is necessary. He is keenly aware of our lives and knows all the details, better than we do.

As I read the Word of God I am aware of His grace being poured out on lives in both the Old and New Testaments. Since God NEVER changes we can lean on His lovingkindness to be liberal in our lives. How wonderful to know the Lord of All the Heavens and the Earth.

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