Monday, August 13, 2018

"Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place," Ephesians 6:14 NIV

Do you remember when Pilate said to Jesus, "What is truth"?  {John 18:38} All generations have asked the same question. Every heart has searched to know the why's and what's of life. Why am I here, and what is my purpose?

Truth has been debated ever since the Fall in the Garden of Eden. God wanted to spare us the pain of searching, by giving us the truth from the beginning. Every soul has cried out for relief from their ache.

God has always been available, with His truth, for those who would take hold of it. He doesn't hide from us, but rather we hide from Him. Remember Adam and Eve covering their nakedness with fig leaves and trying to hide?

It wasn't the physical nakedness they felt and wanted to cover. It was a spiritual emptiness, a void on the inside, a feeling of something missing. It was the presence of God.

Sin had brought them into a new reality, of fear and heartache. Fear was the first negative emotion to enter their pure hearts.The division had come between God and man. 

When God came to find Adam, He said, "Where are you?" God knew their physical location, what He was really saying," I can't sense your presence." I think this is one of the saddest parts of history! Praise God the story doesn't end here.

Sin had divided God from man. Man was free to decide for himself what is truth or what is not. What a horrible life it would be if truth hadn't prevailed in my life and yours! Truth will keep us from the lies of the enemy. "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free."{John 8:32}

Truth comes from God and His word. When we buckle  the truth around us, we become so aware of what God's word says, we don't even feel it around us. It comes from our mouths naturally because we have placed it inside of us.

Daily, as we feed our spirits on the Word of God, His truth will overcome any lies, fears, or torments of the enemy. We are warned, to stand firm, because the storms will come. We strengthen our faith by contending for the truth. 

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