Thursday, August 23, 2018

"Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit which is the word of God."Ephesians 6:17 NIV

Great times are coming, or have they already come? It depends on who you listen to. There are many theories and some are based on nothing much, or on Biblical truth.

The ones to be taken seriously come from the Bible. Many theologians speculate and I'm sure they have some clear understanding about when all of this will come. We are in a holding pattern right now. This is for sure.

The first garden is gone, and the second one is coming. Both are free of sin, sickness, distress, evil, hunger and death. There will be a renewal of what was supposed to be in the first place. This is where the holding pattern comes in; our current state.

If you are confused about any of this, join the club. I don't  study eschatology, or what the Bible calls the end times. I need to know more than I do right now, but where to start is the problem.

What I do know is that a great revival is coming to the world before the end. This is what we desperately need! When the presence of God moves in power on this earth many will come to Christ.

Many who lack understanding will see Jesus as the Son of God and call Him Lord. Some will be miraculously healed, families will be restored and lives changed. Then the end will come.

There are some great books written on these times I call the holding pattern. Lysa TerKeurst has a book coming out in November called, "Between Two Gardens." I have read the first and last chapter as a member of her writer's training called "Compel. It looks promising.

John Elderidge has written a book called "All Things New" and I have briefly looked at this. Pastor Fowler from my church has written a book called "Life in the Middle."

I haven't spent much time thinking about being "in the middle,". Now I have three books from people I respect, I think I should take a look. John Elderidge is a Psychologist, who writes along the lines of C.S. Lewis, because he describes in detail surrounding  and emotions. His years as a gifted Psychologist and sensitive, caring person help the reader to picture in their minds what his words say.

 I think we will continue tomorrow. There is a lot here to discuss, and I'm not sure which way God wants me to go right now, so hold on! Love and kisses to you! I appreciate your patience.

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