Thursday, February 7, 2019

For as I have often told you before and now say again even with tears, many live as enemies of the cross of Christ. Philippians 3:18 NIV

Paul is just like us. He is an emotional, dedicated, on fire follower of Jesus, and his heart breaks for the things God's heart breaks over. Some of you know about the recent abortion bill in New York that allows a child to be aborted up to their due date. I don't know, but isn't that called murder?

This breaks God's heart. He is the giver of life, and doesn't allow us to treat any life with disrespect. It boggles my mind to think others actually were celebrating this "Victory"? What were they thinking?

They weren't thinking the way a Christian thinks. Their eyes are blinded by the enemy to do his bidding. Selfishness seems to be rampant and sometimes abortion can be a selfish thing. I saw an excerpt recently from a magazine about doing good deeds so you will feel good. Good, do helpful things, but do it with a heart of praise to the one who made you. Real, lasting joy comes from doing these things in Jesus' name. 

The self oriented person will leave a good deed and say to themselves," I can pat myself on the back because I helped someone. The God oriented person will say,"Glory to God, I  did what Jesus would do! I please my Father in heaven."

 One is sowing to self which profits nothing in the kingdom of God, and the other is storing riches in heaven. Jesus said, " When you give to the needy, don't let your right hand know what your left hand is doing." Matthew 6:3 NIV.  What Jesus said means: When you give, {and I think giving aid to someone fits here} don't hold on to the thought of what good you have done. It can play on in your mind and you will think better of yourself than others.

Sorry for getting off track. The godly are pursuing a different goal than those who aren't looking to God. This is why Paul cries, and our world today is worse. Paul was surrounded by people who were idol worshipers. Today our idols can be money, power, accumulating things, or even food. God deserves to be first in our hearts.

There is no one like our God; no one could ever come close. As we walk this life on earth let us be aware of how much the enemy wants to trip us. Don't give in to selfish thoughts; live to build the Kingdom of God by doing what He says. I'm praying for you, and please pray for me.

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