Friday, December 16, 2016

Blessings to you my dear friends! This house is down the street from me. I love the way they have decorated for Jesus' Birthday. They may not realize that He is the one it's all about, but I can enjoy it as that. I have been looking for houses that are nicely decorated, but haven't found a lot. My trek continues.

We all may realize that the people of Israel were looking for a political Messiah, but the more I think about it, the more the gospels make sense. If I were a political person, I may look at President elect Trump as a type of savior. We know that he may make some good moves, but without the christians incorporating, and impressing the truth to the lost, he hasn't got a chance.

I am not looking for a political savior. The people who lived during Jesus's day were. They memorized long portions of the old testament, that describes Jesus as such. Fewer scriptures were written in places like Isaiah that spoke of the spiritual Messiah. Israel was in a bad place, with Rome ruling over them. They wanted to be set free of the harsh treatment and tyranny of the Roman Empire. God always knows what we need and when we need it. Sending the Spiritual Savior was the most important thing that He could do.

What unnecessary trouble came upon the Jews because they didn't have eyes to see or ears to hear. Especially the religious leaders of the day. It can be so easy to over look Jesus when you are looking for someone else. He will come in all of His glory and power, displaying His honor and majesty, when it is the right time. In the mean time, we will proclaim His glory and declare His majesty with all we have, because this is His will for now. Have a wonderful weekend!

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