Friday, December 2, 2016

This is Stony Brook Harbor just a few weeks ago. Our Island is so beautiful! Step back and enjoy all the natural resources and you can forget that you not are far from home. I did not realize how populated my area has become until I saw it from the sky in a plane. I couldn't believe how many building, homes and shops have been built in the past 10 years.

Things happen all the time around us that we may not be aware of. I can drive down a street many times before I realize new buildings. Of course this is good because I need to be driving, not looking, but my point is, how quickly change occurs. We can see it in our children, and other people, but I don't think I am aware of how I change.

 This is another reason why the body of Christ is necessary. I hope always to change for the better, but if I don't who will let me know? I hope "they" do so gently, because I can be sensitive. My husband is really good at this. He is always careful to let me down gently. I hope you have someone in your life who can do this for you. In love, truth shared can bring life to a person. I can think of a few times when this was not the case, but we will leave that alone for now.

I have learned and I'm still learning how to deal with my children and loved ones, so that they will "hear what I say," and not turn me off. "Let your words be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone." {Colossians 4:6 } NIV This is hard, because we try to do something that is spiritual in our flesh. This usually just causes confusion! Only God has the right words and when we look to Him, they can come out of our mouths, instead of a mumbled bit of fleshy jargon. Bless someone close to you today with your deliberate words.  Blessings and love to you all. Talk to you on Monday.

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