Thursday, December 29, 2016

"Without good direction, people lose their way; the more wise counsel you follow, the better your chances."          (Proverbs 11:14)

I have found this verse to be true in my life. If I listen to what God says, the outcome of any circumstance tends to be better. My husband has said to me for years, to respond not to react when speaking to our children.  Of course this takes discipline on my part, and I don't always think before I speak. I wonder if any of you can relate? 

Yesterday as I was speaking to my daughter about dating, I realized that I had a good deal of composure1! She brought up the subject as this is something we never want to deal with. Our expectations are not realistic, but we know our children, and don't feel this is something that is good for her at this time. Teens can be so carefree and unaware of the pitfalls and entanglements that can come in relationships. Without realistic expectations, and guards around your heart, damage can be lifetime snare.

Listening to parental advice is not the latest fad, and has always met with resistance in teens, but those who are wise will have a continual feast! What kind of feast you might be wondering? Free from emotional baggage, free from jealousies, free from anger, and free from always trying to please someone else. Emotional roller coasters were invented by teens! All I have to do is say the wrong thing, and we are hanging on for dear life. The wrong thing can be something different every day!

What does God want in these situations ? His Father heart is to keep us from evil. He wants us to stay away from even the appearance of such things. Try to get a kid who doesn't know God's heart towards them to see that this is not harsh, well that is why we pray. Parents need to be on their knees more today than ever. I did not have a prayer covering when I was a teen, but God kept me from guys because I was shy. I didn't know the Lord, but He was already working in my heart. That just blows me away! Wisdom was working in me before I knew who wisdom was!!! 

Today, we live in a mixed up world of denial of sin, and unrighteousness. Praise God for His care and comfort in our lives. His heart was for us, before we knew Him.Who does that? Only our All consuming, ever-present Savior who makes a glorious way for us, if we will follow.

Dear Heavenly Father, your ways are so much higher than our ways. We can be thankful that you are watching out for our good, even when what happens to us doesn't feel like good. You see what has happened to us in the past and in the future. We can't possibly navigate in this world without your wisdom, Grace and care. Please be all that you can be in me! Amen

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