Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Water on a hot day; there is nothing like it! As we are in the midst of August, I hope you have had a chance to get wet, and enjoy the beach, or pool.When I was young, we went to the beach quite often. When we couldn't go, the lawn sprinkler made for perfect enjoyment. Seeing life through a child's eyes makes for a lot of fun.

A child doesn't see all of the pitfalls or negatives to having fun, which is why adults are always watchful and careful on their behalf.  I remember playing in the dirt with the water. We made rivers and lakes streams and roads. This meant digging deeper into the soil. We have the same need when it comes to God's word. Our initial glance doesn't need to make sense. When we glean all the goodness from the original language and commentaries, we can see a clear picture of what God intends for us.

We are far removed from the culture of the Bible, and we see things through the lens of our knowledge and standards. What if we were able to go back and experience what life was like then?As women, we would be property of our husbands, or male relatives. We wouldn't be allowed to own property. Our only purpose would to be birth children, and care for them, which in and of itself is a good thing, but it doesn't define us.

Whether we like it or not, we can trust God that we've been born for the right time and generation. Every generation has had good and bad aspects, and His purposes will come to pass in the lives of christians who look to Him, and obey His statutes, whether we understand everything or not. I for one, do not understand many things, but I am learning. I can live with this truth. I once thought that I knew many things, but I have learned that the older I get the less I know. How about you?

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