Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Known to God from eternity are all His works.      {Acts 15:18}

There are times when I ask the Lord to do something, and when He does, I get upset because I don't see how what He did could be the right thing? He just can't win with me! I so want to be the one in control, orchestrating everything, because mother knows best, right? Wrong.  Jesus, in His infinite wisdom knows from the beginning to the end, and then some. He knows better than we could ever dream of. When I let go of whatever I'm holding on to at the moment, He comes through with what is best.

This is my golden retriever, Buddy. If you let him, he will lick you all over. He's sweet, lovable and gentle, unless you try to pat one of my other dogs. He wants complete control. He will stand over my west highland terrier and Yorkshire terrier to get attention. Don't even think about giving a treat to someone else, because he will step right in. Do I resemble Buddy to God, when I try to step in and tell Him what to do? No! I hope not! Maybe this picture will remind me not to be so presumptuous in my judgements about how and why God does what He does.  Could it be that in the everydayness of life we forget who it is we are talking to? Forgive me, Lord. I give you praise!

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