Monday, June 27, 2016

Let me tell you about my friend Marian. We met about 20 years ago, when my family moved to Stony Brook. Around the corner lived two sisters who went to my church, SGT. Margaret was the first one I met. I remember pushing my HUGE double stroller down the street, feeling the world on my shoulders, when Margaret saw me and came out. She told me that she had  an amazing time of worship and prayer and that Jesus was wonderful! It stunned me, and then I realized how off  my attitude had been! I still think of that scenerio with fond memories.

As time went by, I met Margaret's sister, Colleen, who lived down the road a piece. She was a young mother like me, as well as a nurse. She spoke about the Lord all the time, and said, " You have got to meet our sister Marian, she is so wonderful, we know you would really like her." Colleen, like her sister Marian, always has the Word of the Lord on her mind. Soon my oldest son was ready for school, and Marion's children, Margaret's and Colleen's all rode the bus with my little Rudy. I was so amazed by these sisters who loved one another, and took care of each other's children.

When I met Marian, I could see why her sisters adored her. She was happy, friendly and loving, and spoke about Jesus as if He were in the room with us. She told everyone she met about God's love for them. Every time I saw her, she greeted me as if I were a long lost friend, and she always had a story about something God had done for her. She made me feel special, as if no one else mattered. Always real, always consistent in her love of God!

She suffered for 13 years with breast cancer, and succumbed to this nasty evil just a few days ago. One would never know during that time that she was sick. She went for years without a symptom, and was never concerned for herself. She asked me about a year ago if I would go with her to the local University to witness to the students there. My husband said it wouldn't be a good idea, and that we probably would be arrested. I don't think that would have concerned her at all.

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