Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I know this is very different than my previous pics, but it says a lot. Roman pillars have always been colossal forms of art, which this one is, in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Of course, in Jesus' day, they were a symbol of the power of Rome. Their outward power was backed by their military which outnumbered most armies many times over.

Isn't it interesting that Jesus came to earth during the
Roman Empire? His love and power defied every inch of Rome's outward strength. Have you ever wondered why God, who is supreme, and times things perfectly, especially the entrance of His one and only son, would choose this background? Rome may have dictated their commands to men, but Jesus won their hearts. The love of God gave men something that they were longing for; peace in their hearts!

Oh! the love that fills our souls, and reigns supreme!
May this love wash over me today and all that be,
Without this love no one can stand, regardless of their plight,
His might and power shall ever be, long after I depart,
And may His purposes prevail, for all eternity!
Please come Dear Lord, the time is now, but He quietly whispers to me,
"Be still my child, my plan will come, you will know it well my child."

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