Tuesday, September 20, 2016

This happens to be in my backyard! My husband gave this cute flower box to me for my birthday.

A few years ago I had an appointment with my Gastroenterologist for a routine check-up. Sometimes one needs to wait for a doctor's appointment, right? After 45 minutes I asked at the desk if they knew I was there. They said yes, the doctor had an emergency so she is behind schedule. I sat again. This time I waited another hour or so. I went to the desk to see what was happening. I was told, not much longer. The frustration was building at this point.

 I wait another hour to find that everyone was preparing to leave! I heard someone talking about a no show by the name of Ann Migliore! I went into the room where the nurses were and told them that I wasn't a "no show" but that I had been there for three hours. They were shocked, and I burst into tears. Talk about uninvited! I was embarrassed and  hurt at the same time. The receptionist was gone, and the nurses said that the doctor did not have an emergency. What had happened here?

The nurse hugged me, and I calmed down. The doctor apologized, and I felt better. Why did I react so uninvited? I'll never know why that receptionist forgot about me. I guess I need this Bible Study as much as anyone else. I forgave her, whoever she is, but I remembered this scenario because of the Bible Study. I have this promise to encourage me and you as well:
"And I am certain that God, who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Christ Jesus" {Philippians 1:6}

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