Friday, January 27, 2017

Here's a blast from the past! Roses in my opinion, are always appropriate. They are coming our way soon, because June is just around the corner! It all depends how you look at it. I choose to  think of them as a soon and coming thing.

Lord, right now I put down my agenda, my plans and thoughts as to what you want me to say right now. Help me to make a difference in these ladies lives, as I love so much to write for them. Amen.

I need to tell you that I pretty much sit down at the computer and let my fingers fly. I do pray during the day about what to write, and I allow God to move through me, but it is a learning experience. My heart is for women, that they may know how much Jesus loves them, and wants to be with them in every circumstance, especially when they don't believe He is there. When we look back sometimes, it's when we see His hand in our situations.

I know some of you struggle with depression. I did for so long, and to be honest, once in a while I have a bad day. God is always close by to bring me out, but I know what it is like day after day to not see any hope in sight. Do not give up! You may get one good day, and then another, but they may not come in the same week, you may not feel any different, but you can make progress if you never give up. Fix your eyes on Jesus, and He will bring you out! Here is a verse that helped me a lot.

"You let people ride over our heads; we went through fire and water, but you {God} brought us to a wide open place." This is significant because when depression lies to us, we can feel that we are closed off, in a tight little box. That is not true, don't allow the enemy of our souls lie to you.

Lord, I pray for my dear sisters in Christ. I thank you that your word is yea, and amen, which means that it is solid, steadfast and unchangeable. It will endure when the earth is no more. You tell us that we are free from the lies that hold us down. No one and no thing can have the power to bind us.
You have said, "Whom the son sets free is free indeed." This is our heritage as daughters of the King. Amen.

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