Wednesday, January 25, 2017

This picture was taken in the fall, and I love the way the brightness of the sun adds depth to it, and a brilliance of color that we would not see without it. The grey tree would only look dark and foreboding. The dry leaves would be brown, and the blueness of the sky would not be nothing but  dingy and lifeless.

This is our lives with the light of the gospel shining on our hearts. The light exposes the darkness, and so it eliminates it from our hearts. Whatever light touches is never the same again. For trees and nature it gives life-giving properties so that it can grow and be nourished. I believe the word is chlorophyll. Our nourishment is a bit more complicated, but just as important.We need to take in the plants to receive the nourishment. Processing of the plants damages the nutritive values and therefore doesn't supply the needed vitamins and minerals.

What happens next, well, every story is different. Depending on how many nutrients actually make it to the desired areas. This can be tough to see on the outside, but can be pretty clear when we consider how we feel. If you neglect the appropriate amounts of fiber in your diet, you may not be the friendliest person around.

How do you feel when you worship God and His love is shining down in megadoses on your heart, and you think that you may leave this earth any minute because He is going to rapture you? You are not concerned about leaving because if you go home you have to clean the garbage cans so this would be a much better idea! {Just joking}

 What if we don't go to church for a few weeks, or we don't put on christian music during the day, and Wow, we feel really not like ourselves? Let the sunshine of the Spirit of God pour into you everyday, because your spirit needs nourishment like your body does. The big difference is that you can't hurt yourself by being filled with God's peace, joy, and rest. There is no such thing as too much!

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