Wednesday, October 31, 2018

"Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves." Philippians 2:3 NIV

Divide and Dissolve. This is what it says on this young lady's shirt. Is this what the left wants to do to the right? I think so. What about tolerance? No, they don't want to tolerate us anymore. This is not a political stance necessarily, but a way of thinking about the future.

Those who oppose us are wrong, so we must get rid of their ideology. We have been patient with those who hold different beliefs than we do. In the "old days" we debated different views without anger or violence. We didn't "hate" another because of their stance on anything.

The hatred of others in our nation today is unbelievable. We  rarely had violence because of religious beliefs as we have seen in the past week. People in America didn't go into synagogues and gun down the innocent! 

Yes, we have had church shootings in the past and all people who do such heinous crimes are not well, but the jews have had a vast history of violence. Certainly in America they would be safe?

Our beloved Apostle had a special word for us in our day. The Philippians benefitted from it too. He said, Don't think about yourselves, think about others over yourself. This is novel thinking in our day, but it's been around for thousands of years.

When we put others first, we think about the good of our nation as a whole. We don't limit our love to those in our families, but show love to every person regardless of anything they might believe. What did Jesus do? When He was on earth, He reached out to everyone He met.

The disciples didn't understand how He could talk to the Samaritan woman. How could He touch the leper, or call the children to sit on His lap? These people were considered untouchables to the jews, but not to Jesus. Did any of them wonder about why He was so different?

The Apostle John thought about it, and Jesus knew his heart. This is why He was allowed to put his head on Jesus'  chest and hear His heart beat. He understood what made Jesus who He was. Jesus had a human body, but His heart beat was from heaven.


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