Thursday, November 1, 2018

"Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others." Philippians 2:4 NIV

This is not a typical day. The dog had to x-rays because he's limping, the vacuum is clogged, and the puppy isn't house trained yet. The puppy part isn't new, but it adds to my amazement.

The pup is with us for seven weeks. I'm glad I didn't know when we got her, we would be training at week seven. The vacuum took me an hour to unclog, but it still doesn't work. Three dogs and no vacuum: let's say it's not pretty. Why doesn't anyone rent vacuums? 

I know the answer. No one wants to repair  or clean vacuums when returned. I suppose I could borrow one. "Hello, I'm your neighbor from down the street. I've been here for 12 years, and my vacuum doesn't work. Could I borrow yours maybe?" Ha! I don't think so.
 My neighbors have central vac.

 We take vacuums for granted until something goes wrong. Then we say they are the dumbest appliances ever. Never mind the two years of abuse we put them through.  None of the abuse matters. "I just want to know why you won't work anymore?"

I'm notorious for not cleaning out filters, or servicing products and wondering why they won't do what I want. The nerve of these things! Ha! I suppose I can treat my people the same way at times.

Constantly asking without giving back. I don't really act this way, do I? My daughter Stephanie thinks I do. She has made amazing progress in the past year after being diagnosed with ADHD. Stephie needed help  concentrating and thinking clearly. She told me last year she thought all my husband and I never spoke to her about was school.

All she heard was, "Stephie, how come you're missing this assignment? Why is your grade in homework down? What is happening in this class? Try harder, work harder. You're not trying! We said positive things too, but not enough. She heard a barrage of complaints.

This stopped me in my tracks. Was I really focusing on school and not my child? Yes, I was guilty, and so was my husband. We didn't know she was having trouble pushing aside the roar of many voices coming at her. We certainly didn't want her thinking she wasn't important to us.

Our Apostle understands how this can happen. Life can cause us to focus on the negative too much, and not the positive. I wish I could see my life from God's perspective, much like a camera over my house. High up enough so my perspective would change by all the other things of greater importance. 

Jesus knows people are what matter. Let's not run at neck-break pace long enough to see life as He sees it. It will change everything for us. Look to the Word of God and change will come.

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