Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I am so sorry that this picture is sideways. I have been trying to get it upright for the past hour, and I knew you would understand if I put it in anyway. This is a quote by Lysa Terkeurst, my go to Bible Study lady. She has an app called The first 5 app that you can buy so that you get a 5 minute devotion first thing in the morning.

I have no idea why this picture is the way that it is. What went wrong and where? I did everything exactly the same as any other day, but sometimes quirks happen. Life can be quirky at times, I must admit, even though we don't understand it. The important thing is to not let it upset you. Don't let "the little foxes spoil the vine", as it says in the Song of Solomon. Let the little things go, and don't major in the minors, as the saying goes.

I try to look back throughout my day, when I loose track of my peace, to see where I lost it. It is usually a little thing that gets me distracted, off kilter, or just under my skin. Add a few of these up and you guessed it, you are not where you began. The important thing for me is to catch myself before I allow anything drag me down. I think this must sound familiar to someone reading this!

I used to get frustrated with computer skills, until a friend pointed it out to me, and I realized it was not worth it to get off course. My composure is so important to me, and to God, because it is from the place of peace that I am a good witness of His grace. The things that used to throw me for a loop now teach me to have patience, and learn how to fix the problem, if I can. I have learned more about my computer because I tried to make it work when it didn't.

Catch yourself, before a situation causes you upset, and see if I am right. It can work for you too.
"Then I heard the Lord asking, 'Whom should I send? And who will go for us? And I said, Here I am. Send me! {Isaiah 6:8} I want Him to send me, so I can't be tied in knots when He's ready to use me.  

Father, Help every one of us to live lies that are meaningful to you. May we be ready when you give us a needy person to speak to, or a soft word will turn away anger. We need to gather your grace as we more throughout our days, so that grace will spread to others, and not our anger or fear. Especially Lord, when we are tired, and with family and it is easy to say the wrong thing. Help your goodness to shine through. Amen. You are greatly loved Ladies.

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