Wednesday, January 4, 2017

I know it isn't summer, but I enjoy looking at pictures from my garden. I can look at the barren ground, and imagine what will be in a few months. How would I admire the flowers if I had them every day? The butterfly was a one day event. How miraculous this little creature is, when we think of humanity and the great intricacies of our brains, but yet God made these tender creatures as well.

What wonders of God's kingdom are about to  be lavished on us this coming year? What riches of His grace will we uncover in His word, or hear in church? What miracles will we see that perhaps we have been praying about for years? We cannot limit God to our circumstances when He wants to pour out Heaven on us, and show us His glory.

Scripture says,"We have not, because we ask not", or we ask incorrectly. When our will lines up with God's best, you can be sure that He will "open the windows of Heaven and pour you out a blessing."Scripture can be distorted when we think that God will give us according to our lustful desires. This is not at all like Him, and will not happen.

Winter can be seen as bleak and lifeless, but it actually is full of potential! Inside of every tree and bush is the nucleus of life, just waiting to happen. It is unseen, for now, but will be revealed at the right time. So it is with the untouched that God has placed in us! All of His potential has been made available by His Holy Spirit. All we have to do is cooperate. 

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