Monday, December 5, 2016

This is ice skating at Tanger Outlets. It was a warm night, and looked like a lot of fun. I used to ice skate all the time, but it has been a while. It's one of those things that you have to do often or it just isn't that much fun. It could take me the whole session to feel like I could really skate!

My Pastor shared the stories behind some of our favorite Christmas carols yesterday. I forget sometimes that they were written as hymns of the church because I hear them in public places all the time. Do you ever stop in a store when one of these beautiful well-known songs comes on, and look at the people shopping? I have, and it will cause you to pray for them. Many have no idea that it is playing, forget about what it means.

Music has always been so very special to me. I studied music therapy in college, and wrote my thesis on how music affects seriously mentally handicapped children. Most of these children couldn't walk, or feed themselves, but when music was played, they tried to sing! It is a universal language, and God gave it especially for us during the end times to celebrate His love for us and ours for Him. Also to let Him know how much we want Him to come!

Music, from the beginning, has been a powerful instrument to express affection, love and hate. The enemy of our souls knows how to use it to effectively influence those who will listen. We as the People of God, know how to express ourselves to God, using music as He intended it to be. Worship the Lord with your voice today!

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