Friday, December 23, 2016

This scene is in the narthex at my church. They had several little places like this for families to take pictures. I love fireplaces and use mine quite often this time of year. It makes the whole room cozy. 

This is my family's Christmas picture in front of our tree. Everyone looks so much older, yes, because we are! Time is one thing that we don't have a grasp of. It moves in spite of us, but with Jesus as the head we are always headed in the right direction. Amen!

I would like to share a scripture with you today from Proverbs 18:16. "A gift opens the way for the giver and ushers him into the presence of the great.

I like this verse since it reminds us of the greatest gift of all, Our Savior and Lord, Jesus! How I love to say His holy name, and give him praise. No matter what comes our way, we can rest in the fact that we are always in His care, and that He will somehow make a way for us regardless of the circumstance. I think of the persecuted church members in countries all over, who give testimony to the Love of God with their dying breaths. He receives their heart-felt cries, and receives them into heaven as victors in the winner's circle.

As we look at this verse we see that the gift was given by someone, who is much greater, and whose presence is great! Of course when we receive Jesus into our hearts we know we have also received The Father over all creation, who was and is, and is to come. Being ushered into the presence of God someday by Jesus, will be the crowning glory of our lives, and also just the beginning of our life in heaven. No tears, no death, no sorrow of any kind. Ruling and reigning with Christ.

We have a lot to do here before we can even think of the great beyond! Souls to bring to Christ, people to love regardless of their faith, and hands that reach out to the most desperate of souls.
Yes, we have a lot to do, as we serve Christ on earth, where he has us, doing His will to impact all eternity! Your life has impact, purpose, and is highly regarded, by the Presence of the Great!

Many Many Blessings and much love to all of you and your families as we celebrate the coming of the greatest man who ever lived. I so enjoy our time together, and look forward to talking with you next week. Merry Christmas!

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